Iiyama ProLite E2200WS-B review

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It may seem too soon to write off the 20in widescreen TFT, but the arrival of the low-cost 22in threatens to do just that. Although they offer the same 1,680 x 1,050 resolution as a 20in TFT, a number of manufacturers see 22in as the next big seller, and the prices are attractive in comparison. We saw Mirai’s affordable DML-522W100 last month, and now comes a slightly dearer alternative from Iiyama.

Iiyama ProLite E2200WS-B review

It’s more solid than the Mirai, using a curved stand that’s common to a number of monitors we’ve seen recently. The dark grey looks are stylish and, although it can only be tilted back and forward, the screen sits at a decent height from the desk. DVI and D-SUB inputs cater for new and old graphics cards, but the integrated speakers are best ignored, as they distort at even two-thirds of full volume.

The OSD is simple to use thanks to the clearly labelled buttons beneath the screen. At factory defaults, the contrast was too high, but a little adjustment of that and a slight lowering of the red level gave us a clear and well-toned image. Despite the 300cd/m2 quoted maximum brightness, it can’t hold a candela to the brightest models around, but it’s strong enough to give a good white level.

Thanks to a contrast ratio of 1,000:1, the black level is decent too, although if you want a bright white you’ll have to put up with slight light bleed at the top and bottom edges in dark screens. The overall colour tone is pretty accurate, with warm skin tones, although we noticed a fair amount of grain in our test videos, mainly in dark scenes. It isn’t a big deal, but it’s more pronounced than other monitors we tested it against. In its favour, though, the 5ms response time meant fast action scenes progressed with no blurring or stuttering.

It doesn’t have the instant bargain appeal of the £192 Mirai, but you get more quality, if not more features, for your money. However, there are certainly high-quality 20in widescreen monitors – like the A-Listed LG L204WT – available for less than the E2200WS-B, so your buying decision depends on how much you value those two inches of Desktop.

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