Apple iPod photo review

Price when reviewed

The new iPod mini also wins an award. With the new pricing scheme, it’s now one of the cheapest ‘small’ hard disk players available. By offering an extra 1GB capacity and far superior battery life over Rio’s Carbon and iRiver’s H10, it also ramps up the value score.

Apple iPod photo review

We’re happy to see that iTunes is now stable with PCs, and using it as your main music organiser is no bad thing. But the key problem of compatibility remains. The iPods’ refusal to play WMA files is the single reason that all of these players didn’t storm our group test. Apple is unlikely to concede to vast public demand any time soon either, as it’s more than happy to lock its army of ‘poddies’ into the profitable iTunes Music Store.

So just remember, if you’re buying an iPod – and they’re all now very good – you’re not just buying a player, you’re buying into a whole system, which may, now or in the future, feel restrictive.

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