LaCie photon20visionII review

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LaCie’s photon20visionII is half of another pairing like the Belinea and GNR displays, being similar to LG’s Flatron L2013P. However, the differences are more pronounced.

LaCie photon20visionII review

The stand and styling are very different from LG’s. We’re not big fans of the blue plastic; it might be a LaCie tradition, but it’s unlikely to match your peripherals or PC.

A USB hub adds flexibility; the two ports are right at the back of the stand, so they suit permanent connections to peripherals. There’s tilt, swivel and pivot adjustment, and the only disappointment was that the stand refused to stay at maximum height, sinking down about 30mm when we let go.

Quality was good overall in our tests and, in particular, whites were crisp, bright and even. Photos showed good detail in bright areas and the photon20visionII was also fine in general use in Microsoft Office. It wasn’t perfect, though, with a vertical line in the 256-step tests showing an uneven transition.

Like the LG, it has Light View preset modes for text, movie and photo presets. We tested in User mode for maximum control, but the OSD disables contrast adjustment when using the DVI input and there’s no colour control – you’re left with just brightness.

Brightness and contrast specification differs slightly from the LG, and oddly it’s the lower-specified LaCie that has the edge in both aspects. Ultimately, however, both panels are stuck between the superior-quality Eizo and the better-value Philips.

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