Lexmark P915 review

Price when reviewed

Both of Lexmark’s printers have cartridges with disposable print heads, hence the high efficiency rating, and the costs will work out slightly cheaper if you print photos using the colour cartridge and black cartridge. But we used the colour (£14.44) and the photo cartridge (£18.34) for optimum print quality, at a total cost of £32.78.

Lexmark P915 review

This in itself isn’t too bad, as there are printers here that have more expensive ink sets. However, the low page yield – just 76 pages in continuous use – is what really sets the P915 back. It all works out to a very pricey 55p per 6 x 4in photo, twice that of the most economical printer here and around five times higher than the best prices on the high street.

Ultimately, the P915 is an example of the potential problems with combined cartridges with integrated print heads. The price of the cartridges is so high – almost half the price of the printer itself – that even 100 per cent efficiency wouldn’t help bring down the price by much.

In fact, in terms of efficiency, the P915 is commendable: 95 per cent is quite remarkable compared to every other printer on test. But efficiency in a printer is meaningless if the cartridges are expensive, and unless cartridge costs come down dramatically (particularly the photo cartridge) Lexmark’s six-ink system doesn’t look like a sound investment.

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