Belinea 10 20 35W review

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Costing just £305, the Belinea 10 20 35W isn’t one of the most attractive TFTs around. With the black and grey styling and a circular plastic stand that only tilts, it won’t win any awards for style.

Belinea 10 20 35W review

It doesn’t score highly on the features front either, with just DVI and VGA inputs, while a two-port USB hub is the only notable bonus. There are also integrated speakers that are passable for Windows sounds, but lack the power and range to make your viewing experience truly immersive.

However, while the Belinea doesn’t offer anything extra to tempt you, image quality is far better than we expected. In our DVD test, it stood out as one of the best, with accurate colours, particularly in the dark indoor scenes. The level of detail was also above average thanks to the fact that the dark-grey detail and greyscale tinting tests were the two the 10 20 35W aced.

Smearing wasn’t particularly evident in video clips, but we noticed it when we loaded Far Cry. It’s notable that two of the cheapest monitors (this and the Philips) performed poorly in our technical response-time test, with frequent stuttering as the test box bounced around the black screen.

In examining our digital images, it was clear that one of the Belinea’s problems is a slight red cast, particularly in our white-screen test. However, this becomes less of an issue if you experiment with the custom colour settings. In dark areas, we saw just enough detail to allow accurate editing, but if that’s your primary requirement there are several better choices here.

For office applications, the Belinea is perfectly clear and easy on the eyes, partly because the overall brightness isn’t nearly as high as others such as the Acer or Eizo. The OSD includes the usual adjustments such as custom colour temperature, although this isn’t reported in degrees Kelvin as with the Eizo.

As a budget 20in TFT, the Belinea 10 20 35W offers impressive quality. It’s disappointing no DVI cable is provided in the box, though, especially as Philips provides one with its less expensive 200W6.

If you’re looking for a widescreen TFT for everyday work, it does a great job. It’s fine for videos too, although we could say the same about the Philips. With its height-adjustable stand and superior looks, the 200W6 is a better choice if your budget won’t stretch to the award winners.

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