Eizo FlexScan S2110W review

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In our 2005 Editorial Awards, the Eizo FlexScan S2110W deservedly picked up the Most Wanted Hardware prize for its size, resolution, vibrant colours and incredible brightness. So it was no surprise to find the PC Pro team fighting over its use during the month it was on test.

Eizo FlexScan S2110W review

Primarily aimed at graphics professionals, its main appeal lies in the amazing colour gamut it can produce. Bring up the OSD, and you can adjust gamma, saturation and hue, as well as choose from a wide range of colour temperatures (in Kelvin), making it ideal for image editing.

On the default sRGB setting, it has a warm tinge, and you’ll probably want to reduce the saturation a little for more realistic results. The shadow detail in our test images was good, and the highlights were never over-bright as they were with some other models. It was also one of the few 20-21in TFTs to pass our black-level test with full marks, demonstrating that its 1,000:1 contrast ratio isn’t simply hype.

Even office applications look fantastic. Viewing angles are excellent too: the picture isn’t diminished even when looking from the sides of the monitor.

If multimedia is high on your list of priorities, the S2110W won’t disappoint, but it’s an expensive option. In our DVD test, it scored above average, but colours tended to be a little too vivid and unrealistic at times, and the same applies to Far Cry. You can, of course, reduce saturation. Movies and games looked reasonably fluid, however, and the S2110W wasn’t the worst for response times, which was surprising as it failed the technical response-time test; proof that technical failures don’t always lead to the same in real-world use.

But the gripes end there, as everything else about this monitor exudes quality. There’s a two-port USB hub and two DVI-I connectors so you can switch between two digital sources with ease. The stand is brilliantly adjustable, rotating almost a full 360 degrees and tilting back 60 degrees. Its height can be adjusted by nearly 120mm, and a firm metal frame keeps cables tidy. Lastly, the five-year warranty (albeit return-to-base) is very welcome.

It’s easy to rave about the S2110W because nothing comes close to matching it for quality. But at over £600 excluding VAT, it’s too costly for the jump in quality over monitors like the Acer. If money is no object, this is the one to buy, but as you can buy the 24in Dell for less we can only recommend this to graphics professionals who need the adjustments.

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