BenQFP222Wa review

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Having seen the stunning 24in BenQ, we were hoping the FP222Wa would be a contender for the Best Value award, offering 22in of Desktop for only £190. Sadly, we were in for a disappointment. A DVI-equipped 22in model is on the way, but for now the FP222Wa is limited to analog input only, much like the identically priced Belinea. Analog isn’t a huge impediment for an office TFT, though, aside from the initial image setup you’ll need to carry out.

The panel gets off to a bad start by having the buttons placed out of sight on the side, but once we raised the brightness slightly the basic image was adequate. A fair amount of light is noticeable at the top and bottom edges when viewing a black screen, and on the white test we found slight dark patches towards all the edges.

Like the Belinea, the BenQ looks a little grainy and lacks outright sharpness. Plus, the amount of detail in our test videos was below average. Once we’d set the temperature to User and lowered the blue level a little, colours were fairly realistic, but the whole image lacked vibrancy and was pale next to the best TFTs here.

Other than the usual three-year on-site warranty, there’s little else in terms of features, except a tilting stand and a rear loop for tidying cables. There are a few preset image modes accessible via a button on the side, but none of them give a significant boost to this distinctly average TFT. The Belinea offers fractionally better value, but the Mirai wins out with its DVI port and slightly better quality.

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