Optoma EP719R review

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Unlike some companies in this Labs, Optoma’s core business is projectors, and the EP719R bespeaks a company that knows its stuff. The sturdy plastic case feels reassuringly rugged, yet this is one of the lightest and most compact projectors on test, second only to the Hitachi, making it an eminently portable projector. The remote control feels a little cheap, but offers a good range of controls and can communicate with either the front or rear of the projector, giving a decent degree of operational freedom.

Optoma EP719R review

Performance in our tests was equally professional. With a lamp rated at 2,200 lumens, the EP719R rendered text and images with outstanding luminance and clarity. Meshes and gradients were pin-sharp, although we did find tweaking was required to get both the top and bottom of the screen perfectly in focus at once. Video performance was fluid and untroubled by tearing.

Our criticisms are largely issues typical of DLP projectors in general. Very dark shades were indistinguishable from black, despite the claimed 2,500:1 contrast ratio. Colours were solid and well differentiated, but seemed flat and lacking in vibrancy. We also caught a few glimpses of the dreaded rainbow effect, although it wasn’t a major distraction.

One slight weakness that can’t be blamed on the projection technology is the EP719R’s keystone correction, which wasn’t too pixelated, but instead seemed to go a little too far the other way, decidedly softening the otherwise crisp focus.

Still, the Optoma strikes a good balance of quality and portability for business use, and is further bolstered by a three-year warranty and a quoted lamp life that’s 50% longer than most other models on test. The EP719R didn’t quite manage to command a lead in any of our tests, but it nevertheless acquitted itself creditably.

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