Mirai DML-522W100 review

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When we first saw this Mirai TFT, it was the only model around to offer a 22in panel at such a low price, and it received praise for this accordingly. Nearly a year on, however, it’s been joined by several other budget offerings, and the DML-522W100’s charms are less obvious than they once were.

Mirai DML-522W100 review

At just £150, it’s hardly surprising to find a basic tilt-only stand, with no swivel base or height adjustment. But it sits a good height from the desk and, although the control buttons are underneath, it’s easy to make adjustments since the labels are on the front and the OSD is large and clear.

Quality-wise, it’s a mixed bag. We adjusted the colour settings, but couldn’t find a sweet spot that gave any real punch to our test images. Also, the backlight didn’t seem as bright as the others, despite sharing the same 300cd/m2 rating. The black test screen was better, despite a small amount of light bleeding through at the bottom, and we saw no visible banding in our gradient tests. In our test videos, the Mirai demonstrated realistic colours, but its dimness couldn’t hold our attention even next to the other budget models.

The integrated speakers are simply not loud or rich enough to be of any real use, either, but the Mirai’s problem is bigger than this: while it once held the honour of being by far the cheapest 22in TFT around, you can now pay just £3 more for the Hanns.G, which offers superior image quality, significantly better design and a four-port USB hub. The choice, unfortunately for Mirai, is all too easy.

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