Logitech V20 review

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There’s nothing better than hooking up your MP3 player or laptop to a proper set of speakers and letting others enjoy your tunes with you, but that needn’t be limited to a hi-fi. There are plenty of speaker sets that are small, light and – most importantly – portable, and many have more interesting features than simply a volume control and line input.

Logitech V20 review

If all you want is a cheap set of speakers to play MP3s while you work on your laptop, however, there’s no point shelling out these prices. There are lots of stereo sets to choose from at affordable price tags, such as Logitech’s V20s, which won’t have the windows rattling with their volume but are certainly a step up from most laptop or monitor speakers. Yes, a £28 set of speakers gives you exactly the sort of quality you might expect, but they connect via USB and get their power form there, too, making them about as portable as you can get.

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