BenQ MP622c review

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On paper, this BenQ projector looks pretty good value for money. It’s the second brightest projector we tested, at a rating of 2,700 lumens, has a decent contrast ratio of 2,000:1 and image quality isn’t at allbad, either.

BenQ MP622c review

It’s a DLP projector, but colours are accurate – not dull, as projectors of this type can produce – although it can’t quite match the LCD projectors for sheer vivacity when projecting business graphics. Focus is good across the screen and fine lines appear crisp and distinct from one another, even when they’re a single pixel apart.

That high contrast rating is reflected in black levels that are among the best on test, lending video images more depth than the LCD projectors. It’s one of the quietest projectors in this Labs, too, despite the very bright image.

However, the MP622c is not all it seems. Although black and grey levels are very good, it doesn’t come across as bright as the 2,700 lumens might suggest – it’s a long way behind the InFocus – and at a mere 54.5in from a 2m distance the screen size is much smaller than that offered by the LCD projectors. We also noted in our video test that footage didn’t look quite as smooth as it did on the award-winning ViewSonic machine, although we admit you have to be looking very hard to see the difference.

What may be more noticeable is the fact that, as with the rest of the DLP projectors, the MP622c is more expensive to run than the LCD devices. Its bulbs cost £192 to replace and last 2,000 hours, resulting in a total cost of ownership that’s more than £400 higher than the ViewSonic.

It’s this, coupled with the smaller screen size, that drags the score of the BenQ down, but the relatively limited range of connections (there’s no digital input or second VGA) doesn’t help, and neither does its bulk. If you want a bright picture and price isn’t the deciding factor, InFocus is the better choice, even though its colours aren’t quite as good.

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