Mitsubishi XD510U review

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With a same-strength lamp, the DLP projectors in this Labs have tended to be brighter, with better blacks than the LCD ones, but have suffered when it comes to vivacity of colour and screen size at short projection distances.

Mitsubishi XD510U review

The Mitsubishi XD510U, however, is the odd one out. Not only can it produce an impressively large maximum screen size of 62.5in at a distance of 2m, but it also manages to match the LCD projectors’ highly saturated colours. This makes the XD510U an ideal choice if you’re after high brightness and colourful business presentations but also need maximum screen size in a tight space.

The colour performance is principally down to the fact that this Mitsubishi has a six-segment colour wheel – the only other DLP to do so in this Labs is the Acer – and it contributes to fabulous video performance, with very real-looking yet super-colourful footage. In most other areas, it puts in an impressive showing, too – one that combines the best aspects of each technology. All-over focus is superb, as is the brightness of the image.

The only chinks in the XD510U’s armour are its black level and white level reproduction. Normally a strong point with DLP projectors, the black levels, greys and darker colours just aren’t produced with as much distinct separation as they are in the best DLP projectors this month, and at the other end of the spectrum things look a little grey in comparison. There was also a very slight yellowy green tint to the picture that no amount of adjustment could correct, despite the presence of an automatic colour adjustment feature.

It isn’t the quietest projector, either, although our measurement showed it to be no worse than average. But if you’re after hushed projection performance, you’d be better off with the super-quiet Acer.

A lack of a decent warranty – you get just a three-year return-to-base policy with the XD510U – no digital input or second VGA, and the second-most expensive running costs over 10,000 hours drag the score down from excellent to just above average and turn the Mitsubishi from a potential award-winner into an also-ran this month.

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