Taxan KG-PS125X review

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Many of the projectors are quite difficult to separate this month. Despite a range of different technologies, most are competent and the differences in quality and features are quite small.

Taxan KG-PS125X review

The Taxan KG-PS125X, however, is one that stands out from the crowd and it does so because it’s the only projector to come with wireless projection as standard. This is achieved via an SDIO card that plugs into an SD card slot in the rear of the device and allows connection via traditional infrastructure or ad hoc networks – the latter is an important consideration if you intend to use the projector on the move.

Four laptops or PCs can connect at once, with a split-screen mode available for displaying different screens simultaneously, but bear in mind that you won’t be able to play back video over the connection. There’s also a USB slot in the side that supports the connection of flash drives, although you can only display JPEGs, not PowerPoint files, which is a bit of a disappointment.

Other than this, the KG-PS125X is a competent all-round machine. Image quality is among the best this month (although it can’t quite match the ViewSonic), with bright, colourful images that have no significant weakness.

Build quality is excellent, too – we particularly liked the lens cover that retracts with a quick twist of the lens body. But, ultimately, it’s the cost of the luxurious extras that doesfor the Taxan KG-PS125X. Not only isit the most expensive to purchase at £637 (excluding VAT), but replacement bulbs are costly at £224 a time, with a life that’s no longer than average (they need to be replaced every 2,000 hours). This ensures the cost of owning this projector remains more than any of the others, and it isn’t helped by higher than average noise levels.

Ultimately, that means only those with a specific need for the wireless ability should consider purchasing this projector. It’s very good in many ways, but without the best in image quality to back up the good features and high price its value for money is a barrier to more general use.

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