Revo Mondo Wi-Fi review

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For those who’ve already invested in a decent hi-fi, the Revo Mondo provides a relatively cheap way of adding internet radio to the mix.

Revo Mondo Wi-Fi review

This diminutive device connects to the auxiliary inputs of your hi-fi amplifier (or any other device with audio inputs), delivering net radio through your existing setup. Audio cables are supplied, although the 6ft power cord may be a little on the short side for those running their cables into a hi-fi cabinet.

Revo Mondo Wi-Fi

We had no quibbles with the audio quality, although that will of course be largely dependent on the quality of your amp and speakers.

The device itself is nicely made, but sadly, it’s hamstrung by a tiresome menu system. Finding a new station involves endless scrolling through lists of countries and stations – there’s no handy shortcut to UK stations – and it isn’t helped by a rather finicky remote control. Bewilderingly, there’s no support for standalone podcasts (Listen Again BBC shows are available) although it will stream MP3, WMA and Real Media files from other PCs and Macs on your home network.

The Mondo’s tiny screen is another major hurdle: it can manage only two lines of text, which makes it difficult to read from anything more than a few feet away. Yet its modest ambition is matched by a modest price, making it a decent stocking filler for hi-fi buffs.

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