Joby GorillaMobile Ori for iPad review

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The iPad has fast become the gadget of choice for millions of homes, yet its handheld nature limits certain potential uses. An iPad stand such as Joby’s GorillaMobile Ori can turn the tablet into something else entirely.

Joby GorillaMobile Ori for iPad

Doubling up as an aluminium case when closed, it opens into three increasingly upright positions via a small fold-out leg and a full-length laptop hinge (see video, below). The first is about ten degrees from the desk, for using the iPad almost as you would a keyboard – much the same as the official Apple case. The second moves it up to an angle of about 45 degrees.

It’s the third position that’s most flexible: from position two, the laptop hinge on the top edge can swing upwards to any angle you like, giving you a screen at about 14cm from desk-level. The iPad itself is mounted in a standard shell attached to the frame by its centre, so you can spin the screen from horizontal to vertical as you please.

Whether you actually want to is a different question. The stand is a little wobbly, so prodding it while upright doesn’t work particularly well. It’s intended to be used as your full-time iPad case, yet doesn’t feel polished enough for that. The laptop hinge makes it difficult to properly close it like a book, and the lack of a clasp is a baffling oversight.

Then there’s the fact that it near-doubles the thickness of your iPad and adds a massive 452g to the overall weight. That’s over a kilogram with an iPad inside; compare that to the official case’s 165g weight. The worst thing is that despite the thickness of the aluminium, the hinged flaps and feet are all on the outside so it feels less solid than you might think.

The GorillaMobile Ori is a neat idea, and as a way to use your iPad almost as a little TV screen it works quite well. But as an all-round travel case it just doesn’t feel good enough to justify the huge £59 inc VAT price.

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