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The daddy of all golf GPS gadgets, SkyCaddie SGX almost does it all. Its 3in transflective screen is easily readable in bright sunlight, and gives an uncanny bird’s-eye view of the course. From the tee you can move the marker around using the thumb-control nub and the target distance will update on the fly. Drag it back to see your yardage to clear that ditch; check the perfect length to the apex of a dogleg; or simply bring up a quick-list of distances to every hazard on a hole.

If you’re an enthusiast who knows your club lengths it makes selection much easier; if you’re not, it’s just as much fun to click the Mark Ball button before you swing, then measure the distance of any shot by simply walking to your ball. Only once in three rounds did the SkyCaddie drastically misjudge a distance, telling us we had a 125yd shot when we were clearly within the 100yd markers – a pitch through the back of the green was a reminder not to completely retire our own eyes and judgement.

SkyCaddie SGX

When you’re around the green the view zooms to a close-up, automatically orientated towards your ball and with front, back and centre yardages from there. There’s also a satnav-style QuickVue mode on selected courses, allowing you to plot your way from tee to green, and the level of detail and accuracy in trees, lakes and other features is remarkable. The only slight let-down is the single scorecard – this is very much a personal GPS rather than one for a foursome to use as a do-it-all caddie and scorer.

It’s expensive, and some would say a computerised caddie isn’t in the spirit of a round with friends, but for keen amateurs the SkyCaddie SGX is an invaluable gadget in the quest to drag down that handicap.

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