10 hottest products for Millennials – Philips 275P4VYKEB

What is it?

4K TVs and monitors are so last year. If you want the best, you want a 5K monitor. And if you want a 5K monitor which isn’t going to mean selling your car and your firstborn child, the catchily-named Philips 275P4VYKEB is the best option around.

10 hottest products for Millennials – Philips 275P4VYKEB

Why should you buy it?

If you want the best monitor around at the moment, you need to look at 5K rather than 4K. The extra resolution doesn’t sound like a huge leap, but it makes a big difference to the amount of things you can see on screen at the same time.

The Philips 275P4VYKEB (why won’t they give things real names?) is an excellent monitor all-round, with good colour accuracy and a very good design, but it’s also not going to break the bank. Where up until a few months ago you might pay several thousand pounds for a 5K monitor, now you can get one for around £800 – much more affordable.

Of course, you could wait for six months and probably find 5K monitors on sale for half this price, but you probably won’t get the same build quality and excellence as you will from this Philips. Our advice: don’t wait. Just do it.

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