Pixel 3 – How to Use Slow Motion

Slow motion video capturing is something rather new for smartphones. Many phones still struggle to capture a decent video and you see plenty of examples of this on YouTube, from fail videos on the street to recordings made at concerts.

Pixel 3 – How to Use Slow Motion

While it’s true that the Pixel 3 isn’t vastly superior to its predecessors in terms of audio capturing, the video quality is definitely better. Not only does the Pixel 3 have the most powerful smartphone camera on the market, but it also has some very interesting AR and capture features, including slow motion recording.

Recording in Slow Motion

You can set your phone to record in slow motion at different speeds and, of course, at different resolutions. The result won’t compare to what a professional digital camera may give you, but it is a big step forward nonetheless.

Here’s how you can make the appropriate changes to start capturing your crazy pets, favorite sceneries, or anything else that might look awesome when slowed down.

Set Slow Motion

  1. Tap the Camera App
  2. Swipe Right
  3. Select More
  4. Tap Slow Motion (top row in the middle)
  5. Select speed (bottom-left corner)
  6. Tap Shutter Button to Begin Recording and Tap Again to Stop

There are two possible choices when recording in slow motion.


1/8x – best option for recording high-speed events in slow motion

Note that on the Pixel 3 you can’t start a recording by using a voice command. This option is still available just for photos.

How to Change Camera Settings

There are many settings you can change for your Pixel 3 cameras, but perhaps the most important is the resolution of your recordings. You can use the Pixel 3 to capture videos in four resolutions, with the back camera being your main capturing device option.

  1. Tap the Camera App
  2. Swipe Right
  3. Tap More
  4. Tap Settings -From this menu, you can also configure the destination folder, camera sounds, photo settings, grid types, lenses, and even gestures. You can also send feedback to Google regarding the camera’s performance or request assistance.
  5. Select Back Camera Video Resolution
  6. Tap Front Camera Video Resolution

A Final Thought

In the long run, it will be interesting to see which of the Pixel 3’s camera modes will enjoy the most success. The battle between Slow Motion and AR Playground should be fierce. While using 3D stickers and animations may seem childish at first, the selection of stickers available on the Pixel 3 is most exciting and realistic enough at first glance.

There are also plenty of opportunities to capture amazing real-world events too in a much better way than at a real-time recording speed. Though it may take some time to learn the ropes, once you get used to where all the icons are located on the screen, starting a slow motion recording will take no more than a few seconds.

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