Pixel 3 – Not Receiving Calls – What to Do

Whenever we buy a new smartphone, we just start downloading our favorite apps and transferring contact information. No one really takes the time anymore to configure a smartphone and browse the Settings menu. We all stop at setting up contact profiles, pictures, and unique ringtones.

Pixel 3 - Not Receiving Calls – What to Do

Many smartphones come with a bunch of features enabled by default, some of which aren’t always useful unless properly configured. The Pixel 3 isn’t all that different. Many users complain that sometimes they’re not receiving calls and messages. Here are a couple of things you can do to prevent the same thing from happening to you.

Check Profile and Notification Settings

Everyone thinks that they’re in total control of their smartphones at all times. That makes sense until you stop and realize that touchscreens can be quite frustrating at times. If you keep your phone in a pocket, like most people, placing calls and changing settings unwillingly is not uncommon.

Airplane Mode

If you notice that you can’t be reached on your phone, you may want to start by checking the profile settings. First, make sure that the phone is not in Airplane mode. This feature is available on most modern phones and prevents the phone from placing or receiving calls and messages once activated.

Do Not Disturb

If the Airplane mode isn’t active, you can check the Do Not Disturb (DND) setting. Go to the Sound menu and tap Do Not Disturb icon to turn it off.

You may also want to check the Events. The Pixel 2 and the Pixel 3 allow you to program the DND mode to turn on automatically during certain calendar events.

Blocked Contacts

Just as you would with any other smartphone, another way to verify why you’re not receiving any calls is to check your blocked contacts list. Maybe you’ve blocked someone at one point and forgot to remove them from the list.

Flip to Shhh

If you’re new to Google’s Pixel smartphones, you may not be familiar with the Flip to Shhh feature. This feature is enabled by default, and it puts the phone in DND mode as soon as you flip the phone face down. If you’ve failed to configure the DND settings after you bought your phone, then keeping it face down may be the reason why you’re sometimes not receiving calls.

Configure Modes

The DND mode can be tweaked to allow certain notifications. Do you want to block vibrations, alarms, and touch sounds, but still receive calls? Then you have to make changes in the Behavior tab.

Sound & Vibration

Ticking this option should block alarms, media, and all touch sounds.


Turning notifications on and off takes care of what pops up on the screen while the DND mode is activated.

There is also the Exceptions tab. This lets you make even more personalized settings for the DND mode on the Pixel 3. The choices you make under this tab ultimately determine whether or not you can receive calls and text messages.


If you want to receive calls even in DND mode, this is where you do it from. Tap Allow calls. You can also allow only certain contacts such as starred or family members. Furthermore, you can opt to let repeat callers go through.

Final Thought

Although configuring your apps and checking your social media following may be your top priorities, don’t forget about the primary purpose of smartphones – making and receiving calls. Spend some time checking your phone’s settings to avoid missing important business or personal calls.

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