How to Play Ahri in League of Legends

Ahri is one of the most fun champions in League of Legends. She is a popular mid-lane pick for many reasons. She has outstanding mobility, burst damage, and crowd control that makes her a matchup nightmare for many other champions. However, you need to utilize her kit properly to maximize her potential and improve your chances of winning the game.

How to Play Ahri in League of Legends

In this entry, we’ll show you the basics of playing Ahri in League of Legends.

How to Play Ahri in League of Legends?

Once you’ve selected Ahri in the pre-game lobby, the first thing you need to do is choose the right summoner spells. In most cases, you’ll be taking Flash because it’s the best spell overall and gives you a lot of interactions with Ahri’s Charm and Orb of Deception abilities.

It’s also crucial against opponents with powerful crowd control, such as Elise, Zoe, Twisted Fate, and Ashe. Flash lets you easily escape their abilities and saves you from dying.

As for the second summoner spell, Ignite is your best bet. It is crucial for your champion since her early-game damage isn’t as high as most other mid champions. With ignite equipped, you’ll be able to outduel your enemies more easily, whether you’re fighting your laner or roaming to one of the two side lanes.

Another option is to take Cleanse. You won’t need it against just one champion with crowd control abilities, but you may want to consider if both the mid laner and jungler have hard-to-avoid combinations. A typical example of such a duo is Sejuani in the jungle and Twisted Fate in the mid lane.

Now let’s move on to the preferred keystones. In general, Ahri’s kit favors Electrocute since she can activate it easily to add a decent amount of damage. Alternatively, you could go for Arcane Comet if you want to take full advantage of your crowd control capabilities. However, Ahri’s Charm is the only ability that works with this keystone, so it may not work that well for you.

Summon Aery is an excellent choice for your support keystone. You can easily activate it due to your Fox-Fire ability combined with auto-attacks.

When it comes to the starting item, the default option is Doran’s Ring. Owing to some recent buffs, it’s once again the best option for most mages in the mid-lane. It restores six mana upon killing a minion and gives you bonus health when your mana is full.

Ahri’s biggest weakness is her laning phase due to extreme mana limitations and low early-game damage. Many other champions can lane better than her, such as Zed and Katarina.

To overcome these difficulties, try to harass your enemies with your Orb of Deception, and don’t use Charm too often since it will drain your mana. This is critical against especially tough matchups, such as Malzahar and Yasuo.

Apart from harassing your enemy, Ahri can also push the opponent deep into their turret if their wave clear is weak. For example, if you’re up against Anivia or Veigar, try to out-push them and allow yourself to help out your top or bot laners. Getting an easy kill in the side lane can give you the edge over your opponent.

Bear in mind that you’re relatively immobile before you reach level six and unlock your ultimate ability. Jungle ganks can be extremely hard to survive, especially if you have no mana or your Charm doesn’t land. So, don’t forget to ward the map with Stealth Wards and Control Wards in your side bushes.

After you’ve reached level six, you want to start making plays with your ultimate ability, Spirit Rush. While it allows you to escape ganks for free, your primary focus should be getting kills and roaming. In addition to fighting your laner, try to gank your bot lane whenever possible since you can get two kills there (unlike one in the top lane).

In that case, don’t be afraid of driving the enemy under their turret with your Spirit Rush, and if possible, wait for your support to land their crowd control abilities to get an easy kill.

Ahri is much more formidable in the mid-to-late game when she gets a massive spike in her damage. Use it to your advantage since most enemies are less likely to complete their defensive items at this stage. One of the first upgrades you should make is an Oracle Lens. They allow you to clear bushes quickly and pick off enemies.

Owing to Ahri’s versatility, her late-game abilities allow you to fill nearly any role. For instance, you can wander through bushes and take on enemies from behind, group with teammates and kite the frontline with your Charm, or even split-push if you can beat most opponents one-on-one.

In most of your fights, try to look for opportunities to activate your Charm and save your ultimate ability to kite or one-shot an enemy. You can also use Charm to protect your teammates and interrupt opponents’ dashes toward them. Additionally, if an opposing champion is in an ideal spot, seize the opportunity to get a kill with your Charm and Spirit Rush combination.

If you get ahead and you’re strong enough to take on most enemies by yourself, have your teammates group as four. Ahri excels in split-pushing, especially if you’ve claimed a Baron Buff. With the Elixir of Sorcery and Lich Bane, you deal tremendous damage to turrets. If one of the opponents comes to defend their tower, you should be able to deal with them in a single ability combination.

The most important thing to remember is to analyze the situation and adapt to it. Since you’ll mostly be playing in the crucial mid-lane as Ahri, making the right call can propel your team to victory.

The Best Ahri Player in League of Legends

Four factors determine the best player of any champion in League of Legends:

  • Tier
  • Win rate
  • Kills, deaths, and assists (KDA) per game
  • Games played

According to this website, a summoner named Jhavi is currently the best Ahri player,  ranked as Grandmaster, which is the second-highest tier in the game. The player has won 73.8% of their 61 games with six kills, 2.8 deaths, and 8.3 assists per game.

How to Play Ahri With a Guide in League of Legends?

If you’re a novice Ahri player, it might be wise to play with a guide. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open your web browser before you enter the pre-game lobby.
  2. Go to the website called mobafire.
  3. Type in Ahri in the search box. You’ll see numerous guides on how to play the champion, along with the ratings to your right. All the guides are provided by League of Legends players, but try to pick one whose rank is Diamond or higher, as their knowledge of the game is greater.
  4. If the guide is comprehensive, you’ll find analyses of most of your matchups. Depending on the champion you’re up against, check out the tips on how to deal with your enemy. Find the recommended items, runes, and summoner spells, and you’ll be more likely to come out on top.

Additional FAQs

In case we left some questions unanswered, refer to the upcoming FAQs section.

Is Ahri Easy to Play?

Learning the basics of Ahri’s abilities isn’t that hard, but mastering her is quite challenging. Many players fail to employ her dashes adequately, miss their Charm, and aren’t able to land the second part of Ahri’s ‘’Q’’ ability in some instances. Consequently, they tend to fall behind in their early game and can’t recover on time.

Overall, Ahri takes a lot of practice since her kit is so versatile. You need to spend numerous hours playing the champion to figure out the ideal timing for each ability, when to roam to your side lanes, and how to manage your mana properly.

What Lane Does Ahri Go In?

Ahri goes in the mid-lane most of the time. Nonetheless, you’ll find many players experimenting with the champion and placing her in the jungle or even bot lane.

Is Ahri Good in League of Legends?

Any champion can be a good pick in League of Legends, but most of them lack the unique combination of Ahri’s abilities. Not only are her mobility and damage high, but she also has terrific crowd control capabilities, allowing her to duel and escape ganks with ease.

She’s also fantastic at roaming, enabling you to gain a lead both for other team members. All in all, Ahri is an excellent champion you can fit in with nearly any team composition.

How Do You Pronounce Ahri in League of Legends?

Ahri is pronounced as ah-ree.

Polish Your Ahri Gameplay

While Ahri doesn’t go easy on beginners, you’ll be missing out on a lot if you don’t give her a try. She has a tremendous potential to help you climb the ranks due to a remarkable combination of abilities. Learning how to take full advantage of her kit will take some time, but your skills will improve with practice. Eventually, you’ll use her skills confidently, and the path to victory will be much smoother.

Have you tried playing Ahri? Have you had a hard time learning her abilities? What champions are you most comfortable playing against? Tell us in the comments section below.

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