How to Play the New Map in Valorant

Grab your buddies and clear your calendar because it’s time to jump into a new Valorant map. If you don’t know, Valorant is an FPS 5v5 tactical shooter game with one objective: You need to defend against a “spike” or bomb or plant one.

How to Play the New Map in Valorant

It’s an elaborate “capture the flag” shooter-style game, complete with interesting characters or “Agents” and even more interesting terrain.

Keep reading to find out more about Valorant’s maps and what to expect from Riot Games’ latest addition.

What Are Maps in Valorant?

Each Valorant map offers something a little different for players. Expect different themes, features, and even gimmicks like teleportation in the maps. Not all of them are created equal, though, and the maps on Valorant have been met with a mixed reception. Some maps offer more advantages and challenges than others, depending on your playstyle and Agent. Each map also spawns two Ultimate orbs in the same location, granting you one Ultimate point to use on an Ultimate Ability.

When Riot Games released the closed beta version of Valorant, they started with three maps:

1. Bind

Enjoy the desert-like atmosphere and one-way teleporters in this two-lane map. Unlike other maps, Bind doesn’t have a middle lane, forcing attackers to funnel through one of two paths: the “showers” (a building hallway) or the “hookah” (a marketplace).

Bind’s layout may make it seem like infiltration is impossible, but there are a couple of one-way teleporters that help even the odds. One teleporter goes from the “hookah” to the “showers” and the other goes from the “showers” to the “hookah.”

Keep in mind, though, that both teleporters deliver you to the attackers’ side of each location. The teleporters aren’t exactly quiet, either. Still, they offer a great opportunity to flank an opposing team or rotate your team placement.

If you’re into collecting Ultimate Orbs, this map spawns one at the “showers” and the other is in the marketplace or “hookah,” right in front of the teleporter.

2. Haven

Haven is a huge map with three locations or sites to control inside the ruins of a monastery. There’s no quiet contemplation happening here, though, as Agents need to coordinate carefully to push through the extra real estate.

The first site, “Long A” or “Site A,” is accessible via an L-shaped alleyway. You can also try your luck through the “sewers,” an underground passage dubbed “A-short.” Both paths lead you to the same site, but “Long A” is more suited towards long-range playstyles while the “sewers” bring you up close and personal.

To get to “Site B,” you need to head through a window and into a courtyard. The courtyard goes to the “garage,” a set of doors that also allows advancing teams to take a circuitous route around “Site B.”

Getting to “Site C” involves going through the “garage” or the “Long C.” The “Long C” is a straight alleyway with a cubby that can be a tactical advantage if you’re using smokes to advance.

Ultimate orbs are found outside of “Long A” and outside of “Long C.”

3. Split

Just like Haven, the Split map has three main sections to traverse. The difference, though, is the middle ground. It’s a tower that looms over the other sections, providing high ground to dominate the other team if you’re willing to take it.

Split also has another mechanic that makes it particularly unique: ropes.

The ropes, located in all three sections, allow players to descend and ascend quickly and quietly to take an opponent by surprise. Careful coordination is necessary, though, or you may find the ropes more of a tactical misstep than an advantage during a match.

The Ultimate Orbs for this map spawn in the “B Main” section, or “garage,” and the “A Main” section.

Since the initial release, Valorant added three more maps to their rotation:

4. Ascent

Venture to picturesque Venice, Italy in Ascent. With its two sites and wide courtyard, it’s as deadly as it is beautiful. The map’s open area and a large courtyard in the middle will require careful strategic positioning to traverse.

Other than the relative openness of the map, Ascent also offers another unique feature: closeable doors.

These doors are located at each defensive site and can be open or closed with a switch. Before you get too excited, though, know that these doors can be broken.

This is a playground for Operator lovers with long sightlines that are perfect for picking off peekers, rotators, and stragglers. Ascent isn’t just for snipers. Agents with mobility will have a blast jumping on crates and walls to take out opponents, too.

5. Icebox

Are you ready for an icy new challenge? The icebox offers choke points, tight angles, long rotations, and more verticality than ever before. It all goes down at a secret excavation site deep in the arctic. Don’t let the simple two-site format fool you, though. This map is anything but simple.

The horizontal ropes and two-tiered planting format can give certain players a strategic advantage, but others may find this map a nightmare. Break out Agents like Omen, Jett, or Raze, but leave Cypher and Sova at home. You won’t get far with them.

6. Breeze

Breeze is the newest addition to the Valorant map rotation. It was added with the Episode 2 Act 3 BattlePass update at the end of April 2021. Breeze takes you away from the frigid tundra climate of Icebox and whisks you away to a tropical island location.

Not only is Breeze a bigger map than previous additions, but it also offers more features like second floors, one-way drop doors, and verticality with ropes. Open spaces and long-sightlines give this map a better overall balance with something for every player.

What Is the New Map on Valorant?

Late April 2021’s Episode 2 Act 3 update brought a new map called Breeze to the Valorant map rotation, along with a fresh Battlepass and more cosmetic goodies. The tropical paradise features wide choke points, large open spaces, and a colorful summer motif to enjoy while dodging sniper fire.

Some noteworthy features to watch for (or avoid) are the “A Lane,” a tight tunnel to test your peeking skills, and the one-way trap doors for players who like to make an entrance.

Riot Games offered an unrated queue during the first two weeks of Act 3 for those players who wanted to jump straight to the map. However, since then it’s been added to the Standard Unrated and Competitive map rotation.

Don’t Forget to Practice

While other players are queuing for a new match, you may want to duck out of line from time to time to practice. Even pro players warm up at the Shooting Range before competing in a match. This unofficial map has no wait time and it’s a great place to test out characters, change your Agent and guns, and get back into the groove of the game again.

What’s your favorite map on Valorant? Which map is a nightmare to play? Let us know in the comments section below.

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