Wired explains why it described Donald Trump as “someone with tiny hands”

If you’ve been on the internet in the past day or two, you’ll have seen the amusing Wired correction to an article in which the website described Donald Trump as “someone with tiny hands”.

Wired explains why it described Donald Trump as

Here’s the correction… 


Wired has now put out an official statement following Wednesday’s correction. Many had noted the article on social media. It caused quite a furore, not least because Trump’s hands have been derided in the past.

Indeed, Graydon Carter, now editor of Vanity Fair, even once said that the US presidential hopeful regularly sends him photos of his hands circled with a Sharpie pen to highlight the length of his fingers.

Wired said a joke browser extension was the reason for the Republican frontrunner being mistaken for “someone with tiny hands”. 

Journalist Jason Tanz today explained the apparent blunder further. He mentioned that a colleague had installed an anti-Trump extension on his computer, contributed to the piece, and subsequently Trump was switched for the substitute.

There are a host of downloadable add-ons on browsers, so this is entirely possible. Others offer more serious functionality, but many are for comical effect.

“A member of our art team worked on a story of mine while an anti-Trump extension was installed on their browser,” Tanz added.

“The result, unbeknownst to us, was that every instance of Trump’s name got replaced with the sobriquet ‘someone with tiny hands’.”

Trump’s “tiny hands” are often the target for banter. Florida senator Marco Rubio often uses it as an insult, and many publications have talked about it in the past.

Trump has even publicly defended his hands. 

“Do these look like small hands?” he’s asked in the past, holding them aloft for onlookers to study. 

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