16 tweets where Citizen Trump accidentally burned President Trump

Being president of the United States is, in many ways, a horrendous job. By its very nature, the role involves your popularity rapidly decaying over time, and you only ever start at a high point of having just over half the country behind you anyway.

16 tweets where Citizen Trump accidentally burned President Trump

In the age of Twitter, it’s even worse: not only will citizens moan about your performance, they’ll often address the abuse right to your doorstep. Donald Trump is getting a lot of stick on Twitter for very good reasons, and it may be unconstitutional for him to silence the hecklers. The worst part of all? A lot of the worst heckles are coming from his own @realDonaldTrump account, in a twist straight out of a horror movie. Inevitably, they’re retweeted back at him at every turn reminding him that being president is actually quite a hard job when you’re the one making the decisions.

Donald Trump doesn’t bother deleting many tweets, Covfefe aside. As such, the many rambling utterings he made criticising Obama’s presidency seem alarmingly relevant in the present. Here’s a far from exhaustive selection.

1. Trump burns Trump on his election victory


Source: Rolling Stone

2. Trump burns Trump on handling of classified information


Source: Al Jazeera

3. Trump burns Trump on diplomatic dresscode


Source: New York Post

4. Trump burns Trump on intelligence briefings


Source: CNBC

5. Trump burns Trump on taxpayer waste


Source: CNN

6. Trump burns Trump on vacation allowance


Source: Washington Post

7. Trump burns Trump on the blame game


Source: Fox News

8. Trump burns Trump on transparency


Source: Washington Post

9. Trump burns Trump on campaigning while in office


Source: Business Insider

10. Trump burns Trump on the need to consult Congress before bombing Syria


Source: The Hill

11. Trump burns Trump on accidentally starting World War III


Source: The Express

12. Trump burns Trump on impeachment proceedings 


Source: Business Insider

13. Trump burns Trump on weight management


Source: Independent

14. Trump burns Trump on staffers needing immunity


Source: The Hill

15. Trump burns Trump on spokespeople cleaning up politicians’ messes


Source: The Daily Beast

16. Trump burns Trump on presidential approval ratings


Source: The Hill

Perhaps President Trump should consider helping crowd fund his own Twitter ban. Then he can finally stop being his own worst critic.

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