A prankster has bought up TrumpHotels.org to openly troll the president

Back in February last year, it was revealed that Donald Trump-owned 3,643 internet domains. Most of these domains – which included www.trumpmustgo.com and www.donaldtrumpsucks.com – either represented a rare moment of surprisingly lucid self-awareness or an exercise in damage control.

A prankster has bought up TrumpHotels.org to openly troll the president

If it’s the latter, then Donald Trump’s legal team missed a trick by not buying up www.TrumpHotels.org when it became available. Because a prankster has purchased the domain and used it to advertise accommodation within the president’s control, but which offers the kind of experience money can’t and shouldn’t buy: namely the same detention centres currently in the news for separating children from parents and keeping humans in cages.

Accompanying the pictures of said cages is a selection of Trump’s own unique brand of wisdom on topics ranging from Mexican immigrants being rapists to Mexican immigrants being murderers. A section entitled “Handicap Accessibility” links through to Trump mocking a disabled reported on the campaign trail, while a section labelled “child accommodation” links through to a news report about Trump criticising men for taking on childcare duties.a_prankster_has_bought_up_trumphotels

All in all, it’s a very different proposition from the actual Trump Hotels website, which offers a more welcoming experience with no mention of the unpopular proprietor at all.

If there’s one thing the president doesn’t have (and for the record, there are plenty of options here), it’s a sense of humour about himself, and it’s highly likely that Trump’s legal team will strike quickly to get TrumpHotels.org removed from the internet. It seems that whoever is behind the site is ready for this, though, with a long disclaimer at the bottom of the page arguing that the site is a parody protected under the First Amendment. That’s the same First Amendment that Trump is currently fighting with the noble ambition of being able to keep his Twitter hecklers blocked.

Not to worry though: according to Fire and Fury, Trump got as far as having the fourth amendment explained to him before completely losing interest. So anything to do with one, two and three should be no trouble at all.

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