The easy way to sell ad space on your website

Don’t be disappointed if you get a lot of rejections at first: we’ve found that once you start hosting some adverts then other advertisers will jump onboard and sign up. If a company rejects you at first, try reapplying after a month or so.

The easy way to sell ad space on your website

One reason for a refusal may be that the company involved can’t find the traffic stats for your site, for which purpose it may have been looking at Alexa, Google Trends or the Google Ad Planner mentioned above. Sometimes supplying them with your own web page stats can help their decision-making process.

If you’ve built your site using a content management system (CMS), most of them offer ad modules you can employ

When an advertiser does accept your site, it’s simply a matter of selecting which of their many ad formats will fit on your site, and then copying the supplied code and pasting it either directly into pages of your site, or into whichever advertising engine you’re running.

I currently use the excellent XIGLA banner engine on all our sites, since we use ASP and ASP.NET, but there are many others. If you’ve built your site using a content management system (CMS), most of them offer ad modules you can employ.

The reason for using such engines is that they let you designate zones on your pages where ads will appear, then decide exactly which adverts will appear, without having to recode the pages.

Such engines also allow you to rotate several adverts within each zone, so your visitors get to see a selection, hopefully increasing the chance they’ll click on at least one of them.

The advertising engine will also give you reports on how popular each advert is, as a clickthrough rate (which might differ from the stats that the affiliate site supplies, as they’re often only interested in clicks that convert into sales).

Once the adverts are in place on your site, you merely need to monitor their performance via the web interface supplied by the affiliate company. Keep in mind that while the advertising space on your site may be valuable real-estate, companies can be put off if you’re running too many ads, particularly if these are from very different industry sectors.

Making sure that the ads you’re running are generating revenue is very important, too, and using the big affiliate networks obviously isn’t the only route to generating revenue from website advertising.

I’ve often found that approaching the smaller specialist affiliates, or even the companies directly, can pay big rewards. One of our sites is about the card game bridge, and it regularly attracts enquiries from gambling companies, particularly poker sites.

These ads seem to be popular with the visitors to the site, and so hosting their adverts produces a good income flow without being too intrusive to our visitors. Good luck.

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