Remove iMessage Typing Notification on iPhone

Removing the iMessage typing notification can prevent someone from knowing that you’re replying to a message. It’s already possible to turn off the “Read” receipts in iMessage so people won’t know that you have read their iMessage and now you can prevent someone from knowing that you’re typing. The way to remove iMessage-typing notification on iPhone and iPad is by getting the Typing Privacy Cydia tweak, available on the BigBoss rep at a price of $0.99.

What the Privacy Cydia tweak works is by adding a typing privacy feature into the settings on iMessage. There you can switch “On” and “Off” the “Send Typing Notifications”. This feature will allow you to disallow others from seeing when you’re typing when replying to an iMessage.


Follow other instructions here for iMessage help:


Steps To Turn Off iMessage Typing Notification:

  1. Jailbreak Your iPhone  (Tinyumbrella Download) & (Read how to jailbreak iPhone and iPad)
  2. Open the Cydia app
  3. Go and search for “TypingPrivacy”
  4. Buy the tweak from BigBoss for $0.99
  5. After you installed the app, go to “Settings” and under “Messages”, you can turn on and off the “Sending Typing Notifications”


This feature for many is worth the $0.99 that the company charges for you to download the iMessage typing notification tweak. Even in a time where a lot of tweaks and features are free on Cydia, this is well worth the price if you like the extra privacy features on your iPhone and iPad. The TypingPrivacy features comes with integration/support for biteSMS, IntelliScreenX and Messages+.

You also watch the TypingPrivacy Cydia Tweak Review for Turning off iMessage typing notification YouTube video below:





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