How To Believe in Bubble Bee Man in Roblox

For the inundated, this title might seem strange, almost pseudo-religious. But hardcore Roblox fans know exactly what this article is about. Assuming you are one of the fans, we won’t delve too deep into explaining the Roblox lingo.

How To Believe in Bubble Bee Man in Roblox

Instead, this write-up focuses on the Bubble Bee Man, where to find him, and how to believe. And if you’ve ever played the Bee Swarm Simulator, you know that this is easier said than done. In part, the reason lies in the quests.

To be precise, you need to complete all Science Bear and Onett quests to be done with the ones from Bubble Bee Man. But first things first, the following paragraphs will tell you how to become a believer.

Bubble Bee Man

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Happy Beesmas

As you already know Bubble Bee Man lives in the Bee Swarm Simulator and is arguably one of the funniest parts of Beesmas. The man is commonly associated with the BEElieve quest given by the Bee Bear. Within the quest, you are required to believe in Bubble Bee Man. So, how to do it?

Find the man and talk him up. He should ask you if you believe in Bubble Bee Man. Once you say yes, the man chatters on about different Beesmas matters. Although it might seem like an unimportant rant, you should pay close attention to the man’s words since they’ll help you throughout the game.

How to Believe in Bubble Bee Man

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To make things tricky, there is more than one Bubble Bee Man around and you may get a different response, depending on the Bubble Bee Man you reach. For example, there is an “uh-ummm” because he gets surprised when you find the presents.

Where Does Bubble Bee Man Hide?

As hinted, there are a couple of locations where you can find the man. Try these locations:

  1. Near Panda Bear – The man hides behind the leaderboard and this is the one that asks you if you believe. Of course, there is also a quest.

    Roblox Bubble Bee Man

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  2. Bear Gate (30 Bee Zone Obstacles course) – Because of the moon platform, you can get to this one only at night. You get a royal jelly and Enzymes tokens from him (with a complimentary “uhh-ummm”). Also, there is a quest at the end of the talk.

Note: The Jelly token is behind the Bubble Bee Man.

The Quests

Each Bubble Bee Man gives you a specific quest. The 30 Bee Zone one will assign you the B.B.M Mission and the one next to Panda Bear will give you Helping B.B.M. Judging by the requirements, Helping B.B.M. is far easier and gets you more rewards.

To start the quests in the first place, you need to earn the first Bee Bear badge. You should also know that Bubble Bee Man might refuse to talk to you. This happens if you haven’t completed a particular quest. The one in 30 Bee Zone is not chatty during the Festive Bee Workshop 3 and the one near the panda makes a polite excuse during Helping B.B.M.

Upon completion of B.B.M. Mission, the man should give you Night Bells. You’ll need to talk to him first, of course. There seems to be a bug in the game and you could leave empty-handed. Hopefully, an update has fixed this by the time you are reading this article.

What Is Bubble Bee Man?

Simply put, Bubble Bee Man is an NPC or a non-player character. He exists in the Bee Swarm Simulator only and cannot be purchased from the Roblox store.

Like most NPCs, Bubble Bee Man cannot be controlled within the game. His role is to provide you with information, guide you through quests, and give you awards along the way.

Fun Facts

If you take a look at the Roblox website, Bubble Bee Man belongs to the hat category. In addition, there are a few things that make him quite special.

No other NPC has two pads or makes references to different Roblox games. Bubble Bee Man is the only one that gives you Bumble Bee Jelly, Bubble Bee Jelly, Evictions, Night Bells, and Festive Bean. Unlike any other NPC in the game, he tells you to defeat the notorious Stump Snail.

Bubble Bee Man’s quests are tough indeed, but there are also some cool rewards. You can get two hats only from him and Bubble Bee Man is the second NPC who rewards you with gear when you complete the quests.

Do You Believe in Me?

As you can see, the act of believing in Bubble Bee Man is not that hard. However, completing all the given quests is an entirely different ballgame. For example, defeating the Stump Snail alone can be quite tricky due to its immense health. Not to mention that you need to complete 100 or more quests to finish the B.B.M Mission.

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