Robot has existential crisis; drowns self – remembering Knightscope K5

This time last year a Knightscope K5 security robot in a Washington DC office complex appeared to have a mental breakdown and drown itself – well, as much as a security robot can have one.

Robot has existential crisis; drowns self – remembering Knightscope K5

It’s hard to really know what must have been going through the Knightscope’s silicon brain at the time, but it’s clear it must have had iRobot-levels of free will. After the pressure of its high-responsibility security job became just too much, the Knightscope K5 killed itself.

On the morning of 17 July 2017, all seemed fine; the rocket-shaped robot was working around the office buildings of Washington DC cooly and calmly doing its job when, unexpectedly, it made a beeline for a water fountain and drowned itself.

It’s not yet clear why the Knightscope K5 felt the need to take itself to a watery grave, nor if its attempt at its own life was successful or not. Its employer hasn’t yet offered up a statement on the matter.

I’m seriously hoping that its higher level of intelligence hasn’t led to it working out that we’re all doomed thanks to Donald Trump or, perhaps, it just wanted to allay Elon Musk’s concerns by taking itself out of the silicon-pool.

Typically, as you can imagine from the internet, people online reacted to the news wonderfully.

Still, whatever caused the little guy (who actually weighs around 136kg) to end it all, clearly wasn’t a sign of things to come.

[Image: Greg Pinelo – Twitter]

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