Samsung Galaxy J2 – Device Is Charging Slow – What to Do

The Galaxy J2 has a 2000mAh battery, and its charging time should be impressive under normal circumstances. However, there are always factors you may not account for. Software or hardware glitches can cause your phone to charge very slowly, and many J2 users have complained of this problem.

Samsung Galaxy J2 - Device Is Charging Slow - What to Do

Here are some of the possible reasons why it may be happening to your phone.

Common Reasons for a Slow Charging Phone

  1. Too many apps running in the background
  2. Bad charging cable
  3. Weak power source
  4. Slow adapter
  5. Deteriorated battery
  6. Dusty port

Cleaning the Charging Port

A dirty charging port is nothing out of the ordinary. Dust and debris often clog the small ports on electronic devices. This is a common reason why your battery may not be recharging fast enough.

Use cotton swabs or compressed air to clean the dust port. Don’t use anything wet or moist. After cleaning the port, plug in the charger and see if it made a difference.

Inspect Battery Integrity

Older phone batteries, such as the one used by the Galaxy J2, are not as durable as what you may find today. If your phone is charging too slowly, try inspecting the integrity of the battery.

Samsung Galaxy J2 is Charging Slow

  1. Turn off the phone
  2. Remove the back case
  3. Pull out the battery
  4. Check for signs of physical damage or signs of swelling

If the battery is dented, if it leaks, or if it’s showing signs of bloating, immediately change it for a new one.

Uninstall Apps

Running too many apps in the background causes your smartphone to lose power. Attempting to charge it while many apps are running ultimately slows down the process. Here is what you can do:

Galaxy J2 is Charging Slow

  1. Go to Apps
  2. Select Settings
  3. Select Application Manager
  4. Locate unused apps
  5. Select desired app
  6. Tap UNINSTALL and then OK

Samsung Galaxy J2 Charging Slow

Use the Original J2 Charger instead of a PC Connection or Third-Party Charger

If you’ve lost your original charger and you bought a third-party adapter, this may be what’s causing your phone to charge slower than usual. Aftermarket charging equipment may have all the right specs but still underperform.

This could be because the adapter is not as well-built or because the charging cable used is cheap and can’t handle a faster energy transfer. Try getting an original Samsung Galaxy J2 charger and see if the charging speed improves.

You could also try to charge your phone while it’s turned off. Don’t keep using your phone while it’s charging.

Samsung Galaxy J2 is Charging Slow

A Final Word

Some users may resort to performing a factory reset to improve the charging speed. Note that the same thing can be achieved by uninstalling non-essential background apps that have a massive power draw.

To see if the problem comes from apps, try charging your phone at least once in Safe Mode. Safe Mode doesn’t run unnecessary apps and you can get a better picture of what’s going on. It can help you pinpoint the apps that affect charging.

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