Samsung Galaxy J2 – How to Change Language

Like all other Samsung phones, the Galaxy J2 comes in the English language by default. But what can you do if you’re studying a new language and you’re trying to practice useful everyday words? What if a friend from Italy or Japan sent you a brand new Galaxy J2 from there?

Samsung Galaxy J2 - How to Change Language

Read on to learn all about changing the language settings on this phone.

How to Change the Main Language

Galaxy J2 Change Language

  1. Tap the Apps icon
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Tap “Language and input”
  4. Tap Language
  5. Make your choice

Samsung Galaxy J2 Change Language

This will automatically set the new chosen language as default.

Improving the Predictive Text on Galaxy J2

While this older smartphone may not have tons of features when it comes to languages, there are still things you can do to it to improve your experience.

Take the predictive text algorithm for example. The Galaxy J2 is not amazing at autocorrect or predictive text, and neither are newer Samsung models.

If you want to enjoy a more accurate predictive text algorithm on the Galaxy J2, you should try installing the Gboard virtual keyboard.

Galaxy J2 Language

This app comes with an easier to use key layout, better responsiveness, and it has a flair for recognizing complete phrases as well as just words.

The Gboard virtual keyboard can be used for browsing, texting, you name it. Once installed and enabled, it replaces your default Samsung keyboard. It also has a better autocorrect function, as well as support for over 300 languages.

To install Gboard, simply go to the Google Play store and get it from there. This is how you can swap your default keyboard for this app:

Galaxy J2 How to Change Language

  1. Tap the Apps icon
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Tap “Language and input”
  4. Tap “Default Keyboard”
  5. Select Gboard from the list

Now you can enjoy a superior virtual keyboard, one that is super popular even on the newest Samsung and Apple smartphone models.

Changing the Language – Does it Apply to Everything?

In short, yes. If you change the main language on your Galaxy J2, you will do more than change the predictive text settings. The change applies to notifications, menus, widgets, and more.

If you switch to a language with a different alphabet, then the Samsung keyboard will also change to match your new settings. Again, this makes it easy to study and practice a new language by allowing you to familiarize yourself with the written word.

However, if you change the language on your Gboard virtual keyboard, the change doesn’t apply to other sections of your phone. Your display will still be in the default language set from the phone’s settings.

A Final Word

It’s best to keep your list of languages as short as possible. Having too many of them can mess with the predictive text algorithm, even if you are using the Gboard app. From the same path, Settings > General Management > Language and Input, you can select a language and delete it from the list. This won’t prevent you from adding it to your list again in the future.

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