Samsung Galaxy J2 – How to Clear Chrome and App Cache

Is your phone running slower than usual? Have you already uninstalled some of your background apps and not much has improved? Clearing your phone’s cache could be the solution.

Samsung Galaxy J2 - How to Clear Chrome and App Cache

Benefits of Using Cached Data

Although there are many ways that smartphones store information, there’s one thing that all smartphones have in common, regardless of make, model, or manufacturer. That is using cached data.

Cache data is data that a certain app uses on a regular basis. Take browser caches for example.

Whenever you access a website for the first time, it takes a while for it to load. The next time you visit, the page loads faster. This is because the browser saves some of that data in its cache. Therefore, it takes the information it needs from the phone’s physical storage instead of redownloading it every time you access a website.

Apps for shopping, entertainment, socialization, do the same thing.

Caches contain non-essential information, which means that clearing the cache is nothing to be scared of. You won’t lose autofill information, contact information, or biometrics settings on your phone.

How to Clear Cached Data for Applications

It’s easy to erase the app data of specific apps. To find the app you want, simply go into Settings > Applications > Application manager > All. From here, you can find all essential and third-party apps on your phone.

Galaxy J2 Clear App Cache

Choose the one you want and then select Clear cache.

However, there is also a way to clear the entire cache partition. This can help with software glitches and it is also a good way to free up some storage space. It requires a different approach:

Galaxy J2 Clear Chrome and App Cache

  1. Turn off your Galaxy J2
  2. Press and hold your Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons
  3. Release the Power button once the Android logo appears
  4. Wait for the recovery menu to appear and release the buttons
  5. Mark the “wipe cache partition” option
  6. Press the Power to initiate the wipe
  7. Press the Power to “Reboot system now” when the option becomes available

Galaxy J2How to Clear App Cache

This will remove both app cache and browser cache data.

The Difference Between Cached Data and App Data

Cache data is the information stored on the phone’s physical storage which allows the app to load certain pages or processes faster. App data is the personal information stored on the app – login information, profiles, customizations, credit card information, etc.

Deleting the cached data won’t mess with any of your profiles for that app. Deleting the app data will basically reset it to its default settings.

How to Clear Chrome Cache

In order to clear your Chrome cache, you must first power up your phone and launch the Chrome browser.

  1. Tap the More icon in the top right corner
  2. Tap History
  3. Select the type of data you want to delete – cookies, cache, autofill, passwords, etc.
  4. Tap Delete or “Clear Data” – depending on your J2 model

Galaxy J2 How to Clear Chrome Cache

Note – clearing the cached images and files won’t remove any of your personal photos.

A Final Word

Clearing your cache will improve your phone’s overall performance. It can help fix some software glitches caused by incompatible data sets and even free up more RAM for your phone to use.

There’s another reason you should consider clearing the cache periodically. A lot of data gets saved when browsing but not all of it will be put to good use again. Removing this unnecessary data frees up storage space.

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