Samsung Galaxy J2 – Internet Is Slow – What to Do

A slow internet connection can bum anyone out. It makes online shopping a real drag, it prevents you from holding phone conferences, it can hinder your productivity and limit your entertainment options.

Samsung Galaxy J2 - Internet Is Slow - What to Do

If you’re experiencing a slow Wi-FI connection on your Galaxy J2, there are some universal fixes you can try. These tend to work on most Android smartphones.

Clearing the Browser Cache

Clearing the app cache can indeed boost your Galaxy J2’s performance, as it helps your phone run locally installed apps better and freeing up storage and memory.

But to improve your Wi-Fi connection specifically, it’s not necessary to clear the entire cache partition. Instead, you can start with deleting the app data of your favorite browser. This will speed things up and make the browser less likely to glitch.

Here’s how you can delete the browser cache:

  1. Go to Apps
  2. Open your preferred browser
  3. Go to History
  4. Select Cache, history, cookies, side data, etc.
  5. Delete

Samsung Galaxy J2 Internet is Slow

Note that these steps might vary slightly depending on what browser you’re using. However, all browsers should allow you to select and delete certain data, including cached files, from the History menu or panel.

Are You Running Airplane Mode?

It’s easy to set your phone to airplane mode by accident, and this means that you can’t make calls or use the internet. Here is how you can check and disable airplane mode on the Galaxy J2:

Galaxy J2 Internet is Slow What to Do

  1. Go to Apps
  2. Tap the Settings icon
  3. Locate and select Flight mode under Connections
  4. Move slider to OFF

Galaxy J2 Internet is Slow

Resetting the Network

Don’t be so quick to blame your Galaxy J2 for your slow Wi-Fi. If you’re experiencing slow browsing at home, you may want to check your router. Resetting the router and resetting the network may fix your issues.

To do this properly, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions. They are usually written under the router or in the instructions manual. However, there’s one method that should work on all routers:

  1. Unplug the router’s power cable
  2. Wait one minute
  3. Plug the cable back in
  4. Wait for the connection to reestablish

More Tips on Diagnosing the Problem

If you’re unlucky, there may be a more complex issue at hand. But before you turn to a service center, it’s a good idea to try and diagnose the issue on your own.

Here are some extra tips:

  1. Verify performance on a different Wi-Fi network
  2. Pull out the SIM card
  3. Remove MicroSD card
  4. Perform a software update
  5. Check the phone for physical damage such as water damage
  6. Check the battery integrity – make sure it hasn’t expanded

A Final Word

If your Wi-Fi connection is still underwhelming, you might also want to consider performing a factory reset. You will lose all data but your phone will be brought back to its default factory settings which should improve its performance. If your internet is slow when using mobile data, contact your carrier.

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