Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro – How to Move Files to PC

The high-quality camera on you Galaxy J7 Pro allows you take great pictures and videos. On top of that, you can download and listen to hi-fi audio files. But these types of media can eat into your smartphone’s internal memory really quickly, so you may need to transfer them to other devices. Also, if you move the files to a PC, it will be easier to show your friends photos and clips from your last trip.

Samsung Galaxy J7 Pro - How to Move Files to PC

Anyway, you are bound to transfer files from you J7 Pro to a PC sooner or later. You shouldn’t worry, as it is very easy to do.

Moving Music Files

Transferring your music files to a PC takes only a few steps. You should know that only copyright-free music can be moved using this method. Also, if you are on a Mac, you’ll need an extra piece of software.

1. Connect to a PC

The first step you should take is to connect the J7 Pro to a PC via the USB cable. The cable usually comes with your smartphone, but you can also use a third-party one. You might need to bring down the status bar to make sure your smartphone is properly connected.

2. Choose File Transfer

After you tap on Charging, you should select File Transfer. A blue dot appears if you’ve done everything right.

3. Select Frequency

A window will now pop up asking you to choose the transfer frequency. You can tap either Just Once or Always. If you choose Always, you won’t see this window again the next time you are transferring files to your computer.

4. Open File Explorer

You can launch the Explorer by simultaneously pressing the Windows key and E on your keyboard. Once inside, navigate to your smartphone and select the Music folder.

You can copy the files to any destination on your computer from the Music folder on your phone.

Moving Pictures and Videos

To transfer video files and images from the J7 Pro, you need to follow the same steps as described in the previous section. However, instead of selecting the Music files on your phone, choose Videos or Photos and copy them to your computer.

Disconnecting the USB

After the transfer is done, you should safely remove the USB cable to ensure that none of the data is lost or damaged.

Smart Switch Transfer

Smart Switch is a Samsung native app that lets you transfer files in bulk. The app is also compatible with Mac computers. You should install the app on both of your devices before you initiate the transfer.

On top of that, Smart Switch is great if you want to back up your phone since it allows you to move of all the other data from J7 Pro to a PC. Here is how you can utilize the app:

Connect the Devices via a USB

Launch the Smart Switch on Your PC or Mac

Choose the Type of Data You Want to Transfer

Allow the Computer to Access the Files


As you can see, it’s quite easy to move the files from your J7 Pro onto a computer. Keep in mind that the transfer might take some time depending on the format and size of your files. But if you do this regularly, you will never run out of space on your smartphone.

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