Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Forgot PIN Password – What to Do

Almost everyone uses at least one type of locking mechanism on their smartphone. This doesn’t just protect against prying eyes but also against those that might use your phone for personal gain – accessing banking information, buying stuff with your accounts, and so on.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Forgot PIN Password - What to Do

Biometrics are pretty straightforward. However, what can you do if you use a PIN code and you forget it? Here are two ways in which you can still access your phone.

Samsung Find My Mobile

Even if you prefer not to start using a PIN code right away, enabling Samsung’s Find My Mobile option is a must on every new phone. It helps you locate your phone and it also protects your data from anyone who is using your phone without permission. When it is enabled, you can use another device – phone, computer, tablet, etc. – to access your Note 8 even if you’ve forgotten the access code.

Here is how you enable the Find My Phone feature:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Search
  3. Look for Find My Mobile
  4. Tap Add Account

Input the username and password of your Samsung account. With this information, you will be able to access the Find My Mobile service form another device. Note that once it is unlocked, your phone deletes your PIN and biometric information.

Unfortunately, the Find My Phone method doesn’t work on Verizon Galaxy Note 8.

Factory Reset

As you probably know, a factory reset can fix a wide range of issues. Locking yourself out of your phone is no exception.

Here’s how you perform a factory reset:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Hard Reset

  1. Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons
  2. Wait for the Android logo to appear
  3. Release the buttons
  4. Browse through the list and highlight Factory Reset
  5. Press Power button to initiate the wipe
  6. Wait for the phone to restart

Galaxy Note 8 Hard Reset

Keep in mind that this should be used as a last resort. All your apps, cached data, and personal information will be deleted from storage and you will be starting with a clean slate.

Should You Use a PIN Code?

Using a different passcode every time is the best way to secure all gadgets and accounts. But if you take that approach, remembering the PIN for your new phone might be difficult.

That being said, there are some important upsides to using PIN-locking on your new Note 8. No one but you can access your personal data. This includes kids, parents, coworkers, your spouse, or anyone that could access your phone if it gets lost or stolen. You can also use PIN-locking to lock out your child from their phone for a couple of hours a day, ensuring that they finish their chores and schoolwork without distractions.

A Final Word

Writing down your PIN code and keeping that piece of paper in a safe place is always an option. However, it may defeat the purpose of having a “secret code”. It’s best if you enable the Find My Mobile feature on your Note 8 before you decide on the screen lock method. Additionally, you should make regular backups in case you have to do a factory reset.

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Jenna Terry says:
Hello. I don’t have the password to a Galaxy note 8 I purchased from a Craigslist ad and can’t get ahold of the owner to get his password. I was told if I factory reset it, it will still be locked to his Google account. Is this true? I’m scared to try a factory reset for fear of being locked out permanently. Help!
Alma says:
I need help, i truly need help with bypassing an samsung note8 i dont know the password

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