Samsung Galaxy Note 8 – Internet Is Slow – What to Do

A slow internet connection is more than just a nuisance. Apart from causing delays in chat notifications, it can also interfere with your work productivity. There are many possible reasons why you’re experiencing issues with your connection on the Galaxy Note 8.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - Internet Is Slow - What to Do

The good news is that most fixes can be done at home for free. Don’t waste time and money sending your phone into service when you could be a few steps away from enjoying a smooth browsing experience.

Try Resetting the Router

If the connection improves when you change your location, then your Galaxy Note 8 isn’t the problem. Try resetting the wireless router and see if the connection improves.

To restart the router, you can simply press and hold the reset button, usually located on the back. However, this may not always work as intended. Unplugging the device is usually more efficient.

After removing the cables, wait a minute before you plug them back in. Some manufacturers will say that 20 or 30 seconds is enough, but giving it a full minute guarantees a successful reset.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Internet Is Slow

Soft Reset

Performing a soft reset is a quick fix for a number of software glitches, slow Wi-Fi connection included. But how do you do this if you can’t pull the battery out? You have to use a specific combination of keys:

  1. First press and hold the Volume Down button
  2. Press the Power key while still holding down on the Volume Down button
  3. Wait at least 10 seconds while holding down both buttons

Once you’re back on your home screen, test the strength of your connection. If it’s not 100%, try other repair methods.

Galaxy Note 8 Internet Is Slow

Clear Storage

A slow Wi-Fi connection could be a sign that one or more of your apps are slowing down the system. Clearing cache data may give you a performance boost. You can do this by deleting the cache for individual apps, if you suspect that only a handful are causing trouble.

Or, you can simply delete all cached data and be done with it faster. Take the following steps to delete cached data from all installed apps:

Samsung Galaxy Note Internet Is Slow

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Device Maintenance
  3. Select Storage (located in the lower-right corner of the screen)
  4. Tap Clean Now

Internet Is Slow Galaxy Note 8

Clear Cache Partition

This method wipes the entire cache partition and it’s performed by using hardware keys.

  1. First turn off the device
  2. Press the Volume Up key and Bixby key and hold
  3. Press the Power key at the same time and hold
  4. Wait for the Android logo to appear and release all keys
  5. Use Volume Down button to choose “wipe cache partition”
  6. To select it, press the Power button
  7. Use the Volume Down key again to select Yes and the Power button to initiate the wipe
  8. Wait until the “Reboot system now” line is highlighted
  9. Press the Power key to initiate a restart

Clearing the entire partition is efficient because it deletes the cache data of both installed and uninstalled apps.

A Final Word

If you’re experiencing a poor connection when using your mobile data, it’s best to contact the carrier right away. But when it comes to Wi-Fi connectivity problems, there are alternative fixes. Improving your internet speed is usually quick and free, once you’ve figured out the problem.

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