Samsung Galaxy S7: Leaked photo reveals lack of USB Type-C

Samsung Galaxy S7 display

In terms of display, there are rumours that Samsung will take a leaf out of the Galaxy S6 Edge’s book and introduce a curved edge as standard. There are also reports that Samsung is developing something even more experimental – a foldable phone, internally codenamed “Project Valley“, although this will likely be seperate from the Galaxy S7.Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+ review

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will come with a pressure-sensitive screen, similar to the 3D Touch display used in Apple’s iPhone 6sThe Wall Street Journal claims. Citing unnamed sources “familiar with the matter”, the WSJ has namedropped a series of features for the follow up to the Galaxy S6. As well as a pressure-sensitive screen this includes a fast charging USB-C port and expandable storage.

This isn’t the first time a 3D Touch-style screen has been touted for the Galaxy S7, with a Chinese leak in October claiming that Samsung had been eyeing up Synaptics’ new ClearForce technology, which uses a similar force-sensitive technique.

Synaptics announced its ClearForce technology on 6 October. In a press release at the time, the company said that its technology would provide manufacturers with “new dimensions in user interfaces such as speed scrolling, zoom, gaming, and text or photo editing by applying variable force with a finger or stylus”. The press release also said that Synaptics was already “working closely” with manufacturers to deliver force-enabled smartphones to ship in early 2016. This certainly puts it in the expected window for the Samsung Galaxy S7, which is thought to be unveiled around February 2016.

Another point to consider is the Samsung Gear VR, which would require an ultra-sharp screen on the Galaxy S7 to work to its full advantage. Considering Samsung plans to launch the Gear VR at the tantalising price of $99, it wouldn’t be entirely unreasonable to predict that – dependent on the Gear VR’s success over Christmas – the Galaxy S7 will be packaged with the virtual reality headset. This could also be an impetus for Samsung to reveal an exceptionally sharp display on its next Galaxy S – potentially even a 4K display, although that figure is likely to be a few years away.

Samsung Galaxy S6 edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 battery

Battery life is an enormous selling point in the smartphone market, so expect Samsung to push forward with new tech in the energy storage department.

The Galaxy S7 could be getting a five-day battery life, if research by Samsung’s R&D department filters down in time for the new handset. In June, researchers from Samsung’s Advanced Institute of Technology (SAIT) discovered a way to extend lithium-ion battery life using graphene and silicon. While extending battery capacity normally results in a shorter battery life, this new technique reportedly has the potential to increase the energy density of batteries by 1.8x, which would significantly extend the battery life of smartphones.

Whether or not this battery life breakthrough will reach the product stage in time for the Galaxy S7 remains to be seen, but it would certainly give Samsung an advantage over its rivals. Seeing as Samsung has developed this for Samsung products, we may very well see it in time for the next Galaxy handset.

There is also a rumour that the S7 could mark Samsung’s return to microSD support. The rumour comes from an Italian Samsung blog, which also claims that the Galaxy S7 will launch with “flat” 5.2in and “edge” 5.7in variations. Intriguingly, they say the Edge model will come with a quad-sided curved display, although where an external microSD slot would go with four curved edges and a non-removable back isn’t clear. The blog gestures towards unnamed sources, but, if true, it would mark an interesting backstep from the direction taken with the Galaxy S6.

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