David Tennant explains the general theory of relativity in three minutes

Physics can be pretty mind-bending stuff, and most people don’t have the time or stamina to get stuck into hardcore dense textbooks to get a doctoral understanding of the subject. 

Today marks the hundredth anniversary of Einstein’s general theory of relativity, so you’ve probably left it a little late to get a full in-depth understanding. If you can spare three minutes, however, the below video is an adorable explainer of the theory, and why it matters, narrated by none other than David Tennant: the tenth Time Lord himself.

Yes, it’s basic, and yes, it’s dumbed down, but hey – it’s three minutes. And to me, it strikes the right balance of providing a basic overview, and leaving enough questions unanswered to make curious minds dig deeper. Hats off to Windfall Films on a job well done.

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