If humans evolved to survive car crashes, we’d look this monstrous

The chances are, the above image isn’t like looking in the mirror – and commiserations if it is. However, if you do resemble the man above, there is an upside: you’re probably better equipped to deal with a car crash then the rest of us.

What you’re looking at is the work of artist Patricia Piccinini, who was commissioned to build the sculpture to the brief of “the science of human vulnerability”. It’s made from silicone, fibreglass, resin and – of course – human hair. The features of Graham – yes, his name is Graham – were recommended by a trauma surgeon Dr Christian Kenfield and crash investigation expert Dr David Logan.sculpture_graham_evolution_car_crash_cropped

So what makes Graham so well equipped to deal with a car crash? The first thing you’ll notice is the flat face, keeping his nose and ears safe. You’ll also spot he has no neck whatsoever, which is handy because you can’t break what you don’t have. The skull is enforced with helmet-like qualities (which is interesting given some scientists are considering

taking lessons from the animal kingdom for helmet design).

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He also has airbags nestled between each rib (they’re not extra nipples, as they appear at a first glance) and his whole body is protected by thick, tough skin. And of course those knees bend in every direction imaginable.

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Cars have evolved a lot faster than humans, and Graham helps us understand why we need to improve every aspect of our roads system to protect ourselves from our own mistakes,” said Joe Calafiore from the Victoria transport accident commission.graham_legs_car_crash_evolution_cropped

You can explore Graham’s body in full 360 degrees here, should you wish. Not a sentence I anticipated writing when I came into work this morning, but there we are.

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