Screencastify Not Working? Try This

Screencastify is one of the most popular and convenient tools when it comes to screen capturing. Screencasting is often needed promptly, and in that department, Screencastify is more than a competent tool. Video casting is always a couple of clicks away with this app.

Screencastify Not Working? Try This

That said, this app is sometimes prone to issues. Even the tech-savvy may miss what’s causing the popular browser extension to malfunction.

Here’s how to solve your problem(s) and get Screencastify to work again.

Enable the Right Microphone

The case may well be that you’ve enabled the wrong microphone. If you’re using a laptop without any external mics or headphones, you can skip this potential solution.

However, if you are using a microphone or an external tool that might have an integrated mic, the problem may be that you’ve selected the wrong one.

Before starting your recording session, navigate to the Screencastify extension in Chrome. Then, enable the microphone by checking the box net to the Microphone entry. If this solves the issue, you can stop right here.

However, the chances are that the wrong microphone is selected by default. To change this setting, select the dropdown menu that has appeared when you’ve checked the Microphone box. When you’ve chosen the mic that you want to use, you’ll see the bar next to the mic icon light up as you speak.

screencastify not working

Can Chrome Detect Your Microphone?

Unfortunately, some users are experiencing issues with their Screencastify extension even after enabling the right microphone. The case may be that Google Chrome is unable to detect your microphone.

The case may be that the very Chrome browser that you’re using has a conflict with your microphone. To check whether this is the case, go here and see if any sound is detected. If the website picks up your sound, both Chrome and your microphone are working correctly. If this is the case, the best way to go would be reinstalling your Screencastify extension. More on this later.

If the website mentioned above didn’t detect any sound, the problem probably lies with the lack of proper communication between your Chrome browser and your microphone.

The first step here would be restarting your Chrome browser. If the problem persists, click on the three dots icon in the upper-right corner of your browser and click it. From the dropdown menu, select Settings. Go to the bottom of the Settings tab. Under the On startup title, select Open the New Tab page if not selected. Shut the browser down and start it back up again.

If the problem persists, try restarting your computer. If none of these solutions work, you’re probably going to have to reinstall the extension.

Check Your Computer’s Sound Settings

The issues that you’re experiencing with Screencastify may not be Chrome- or Screencastify-related. Your computer’s sound settings may be the culprit here. You need to make sure that your mic is enabled and unmuted.

To check whether everything is working correctly, right-click the speaker icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen and select Open Sound Settings. Then, under Input, you’ll be able to choose your preferred device and test it.

If your microphone isn’t responding, your problem will require technical support from either your OS provider or your computer manufacturer.

Reinstall Screencastify

You can reinstall Screencastify manually. To uninstall the extension, go to its page in Google Web Store. Next to the extension title, you’ll find a Remove from Chrome icon. Click it.

Alternatively, right-click anywhere on the extensions bar (located to the right of your address bar). Then, select Manage extensions from the dropdown menu. Scroll until you’ve found Screencastify or find it using the magnifying glass icon on this page. Then, select Remove. Confirm by clicking Remove again. It will take you to Screencastify’s 30 Second Uninstall Survey page. You can close this tab if you’re going to install it again.


Now, install the app once more. Finding it on Google Web Store is probably the most straightforward way to install Chrome extensions.

After you’ve successfully installed Screencastify and enabled the microphone, you should be able to hear audio and use the app to its full extent.

Other Issues

Audio problems are the most prevalent when it comes to Screencastify. However, other common issues may prevent you from using the extension correctly. Here are some.

Low Disk Space

Screencastify saves the videos that you make on your computer before uploading them to Google Drive. The extension requires a minimum of 1 GB of disk space to work. In case your video goes overboard, the recording will stop, resulting in the “Low Disk Space” notification. You can turn off this feature, but this may cause system issues with your device. Freeing up some disk space is the best way to go here.

Failed to Start Recording

This error occurs when Screencastify can’t start. Something may be blocking the app, and in this case, you need to enable access to your microphone and camera on your device. Restart your computer and try using Screencastify again.

Can’t Sign In

You may experience issues signing in to your account on Screencastify. That might be because you haven’t enabled third-party cookies. To fix this issue, go to the Chrome menu, navigate to Settings, scroll down until you see Advanced, and click it. Navigate to Privacy and then to Content Settings. Click Cookies and turn off the Block third-party cookies setting.

Screencastify Problems

Microphone issues are the most common ones with Screencastify. However, many other problems may prevent you from using the extension. Hopefully, you’ve found a solution in this article.

Have you managed to fix Screencastify? What was causing the issue? Feel free to hit the comment section below and share your thoughts and experiences, as well as any questions and tips that you may have.

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