Patreon warns of fake extortion attempt after hack

If you’re a Patreon member, you may well have received a “creatively phrased” email trying to extort you out of a single bitcoin for your protection. The crowdfunding site was the victim of a hack last month, and claims this is just a phishing scam – and not a very good one at that.

In a longer blog post on the subject, Patreon explains that all tax forms are encrypted with RSA 2048-bit encryption, and that tax forms are “only required for US-based creators who have earned more than $600 in a year, or non-US based creators who have received a payout from us.”

“Our system does not have access to your full credit card details, the only portion that gets passed to us is the last four digits of the number,” it adds.

That may not be a huge surprise, given the contents of the email, as published on Twitter by @SteveStreza:

Nice of the guy to note the hacking was “unfortunate”, at any rate.

One bitcoin may sound a fairly modest ransom, but at the current rate that’s still £213, so not to be sneezed at. Fortunately, it seems nobody has been taken in by the scam, with the BBC reporting the Blockchain showing just a few pennies worth of bitcoin in the account.

In fact, the more common reaction was one of bemusement at the blackmailer’s unusual approach to crime:

Back to extortion school with you, young man.

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