Fujitsu aims to train students for a career in cyber security

Fujitsu is launching a Cyber Security Group in collaboration with various universities and technical colleges around the UK to help society keep up with the changing pace of security.

Fujitsu aims to train students for a career in cyber security

The group’s aim is to help students aged 14-19 work towards a career in the ever-changing world of cyber security, either by preparing them for a job after finishing school or aiding them in finding further education to that end.

“The security landscape is seeing exponential growth with attack techniques and sectors changing at an alarming rate,” explains Rob Norris, VP of enterprise and cyber security for Fujitsu. It seems every week brings news of a new cyber hack or attack, but Fujitsu wants that to change: “In light of recent attacks it is especially important that we do more to help the next-generation of students better understand the positive impact that cybersecurity knowledge can have on their lives and future careers”.

More than 500 students each year will be able to benefit from membership to the group. Twenty-three organisations, universities and technical colleges (UTCs) make up the group alongside Fujitsu, and provide assistance from scholarships and sponsorships to face-to-face mentoring.

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An important tenet of the group is aiding teachers in providing top-notch education. To this end it will give teachers important skills, tools and knowledge so students are constantly provided with the best, most up-to-date education. In addition each organisation in the group has promised to provide at least five days worth of teaching and training to teachers and UTCs.

The group will meet four times yearly to agree on a course for its students, making sure that the teaching covers important aspects of cybersecurity and its “Threat Landscape”.

The UTCs pledge to teach courses such as this one in a more practical way, in order to prepare students for the hands-on industry. They want students to develop the technical skills necessary for a career in cyber security.

Encouraging young people to pursue careers in tech, especially under-represented women, is hugely important for the continued innovation of the UK’s tech industry. Seeing companies like Fujitsu and others assisting students in to the industry is an important step in helping combat the ever-growing threat of cyber crime.

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