How to Send an Invite in the Clubhouse App

Clubhouse is not like any other social media platform. To get in, you need an invitation. When you become a Clubhouse member, you get to invite other people to join in the fun.

How to Send an Invite in the Clubhouse App

Initially, you’ll only get two invites. However, if Clubhouse sees your activity in the app as a positive contribution to the community, you’ll receive even more invites.

If you’ve only just joined the app, you might be wondering how to send an invite to one of your friends. In this article, we’ll demystify the entire process and answer other related questions.

How to Send a Clubhouse Invite?

If you’ve already joined Clubhouse via an invitation from someone else, you’re probably looking to play your part and help grow the Clubhouse community. Here’s a step-by-step guide that will explain the entire process:

  1. Launch the Clubhouse app on your iPhone.
  2. Tap on the envelope icon at the top of the screen. This will redirect you to the invite screen.
  3. In the search bar, enter the contact name of the person you want to invite to Clubhouse.
  4. Hit the “Invite” button next to their name.
  5. Another window will pop-up where you can enter a personalized message that will come with the invite.

Important Notes on the Invitation Process

There are a couple of things you need to keep in mind when sending an invitation to Clubhouse. Firstly, the person you’re inviting has to be saved in your iPhone contact book. Also, make sure that the country and area codes are included. Otherwise, you won’t see their contact in the invite screen.

Secondly, if one person has more than one phone number saved, you will get the option to choose which one you want to send the invite to. However, if you have multiple contact information for the same person, be sure to select the correct option.

How to Resend an Invite to Clubhouse?

Sadly, the “resend” doesn’t exist, so you’ll have to go about addressing this issue in another way. If you’re sure that you’ve sent the invite to the correct number, but the invitee says that they never received it, there are a few things that can be done.

The invitee can try and download the app, enter their phone number, and see if they receive the verification code. If the code arrives, that means that the invite was valid, but there was a technical glitch of some kind, perhaps with the phone carrier.

If this doesn’t work and the invitee doesn’t get the verification code, the person who invited them can directly contact Clubhouse.

Fill out and submit this form and add the invitee’s name, phone number, and screenshots of any error you might have received in the app.

What if You Sent the Invite to the Wrong Number?

You might find yourself in a situation where you’ve chosen the wrong number attached to the same contact. Alternatively, the person you had in mind might’ve changed their number, or you’ve tapped on the wrong contact altogether.

Unfortunately, once you send an invite, you’ve officially “spent” it.

Rescinding a sent invitation is next to impossible, although you can always contact Clubhouse directly to argue your case.

Another potential problem you might run into is that you’ve sent the invite to an Android user. At the moment, Clubhouse is only available for iPhone, so they won’t be able to download the app and use it to accept your invitation.

Additional FAQs

1. How Do You Get Followers on Clubhouse?

While completely original in many ways, there are aspects of Clubhouse similar to other social media platforms. One, in particular, is that you can follow people and also get followers.

The number of followers you have will impact your overall status on the app and will also help you get more invites to send to other people. So, how do you grow a large following on Clubhouse? Here are the top tips:

Write a Great Bio

In Clubhouse, the first impression matters a lot – particularly the first two lines of your bio. That’s what people see when they browse through Clubhouse users. So, being concise and effective works best.

Invite People Who Want to Be There

This might sound like obvious advice, especially given the fact that you have so few invites to share when you first join the app. But it’s easy to get carried away and want all your friends to join.

If it turns out that they’re not interested, you’ve just wasted an invite. It’s better to consider someone you think would be a great addition to the app.

Join Clubs and Attend Rooms

Finding the clubs that interest you is one of the first tasks when you join Clubhouse. Next, attending different rooms that are hosted by admins of the clubs.

If you really want to be noticed on Clubhouse, make sure to raise your hand and ask questions. But don’t just say something random, make sure it provides some kind of value and adds to the conversation.

Talk About Yourself

When you speak on Clubhouse in front of many people in a specific conversation, it’s helpful to pitch yourself a little first.

Don’t tell your whole life story. But it’s good to offer some information about who you are before continuing to speak on the topic in question.


Form Your Own Club

An excellent way to gain more followers on Clubhouse is to become an admin of a club of your own. Unfortunately, as of now, that’s not a straightforward process in Clubhouse.

What you can do is to apply to form your club. Fill out and submit this request form and wait to get approved.

There is no definitive answer for how long you’ll have to wait or whether you’ll be approved at all. If you do, it’s likely to attract other users interested in the niche your club belongs to.

How Many Invites Do You Get on the Clubhouse?

Initially, only two invites are available to you. Clubhouse may choose to give you more soon enough if they decide that you’re the type of user they want to promote.

People who got on the app early have received more invites than those who joined Clubhouse later. If you regularly host conversations and join discussions, that’s the best strategy to acquire more invites fast.

Clubhouse will send you an in-app notification when the number of invites you have available grows. You’ll also see the envelope icon at top of the screen.

Can You Send an Invite via Email?

No, you can’t send an invite via email at the moment. The only two requirements are that the person you’re inviting uses an iPhone and that you have their correct phone number saved on your iPhone.

Can I Use an iPad Instead?

There have been many users who managed to sign up for Clubhouse using iPad, but that won’t work for everyone. You need a working phone number in order to receive the SMS with a verification code.

Some iPad users were successful by downloading the Clubhouse app and manually entering their phone number when prompted.

Do You Have to Be Invited to Clubhouse?

Currently, the only way to join Clubhouse is to get an invite from an existing member. This decision has created a sense of exclusivity pertaining to Clubhouse, even though according to app creators, that’s not the case.

Clubhouse is still in its beta version, and the creators of the app have announced that users can expect certain operational changes in the future. Their goal is to promote authentic conversations and for users to share their rich experiences.

Expanding the Clubhouse Community One Invite at a Time

One thing is for sure, regardless of how many invites you have, you should use them wisely. First and foremost, by making sure all the details regarding accurate phone numbers and their formats.

Then, by sending the invites to all the right people. The chances are that if you select positive voices that will happily engage on the platform, you’ll be recognized as someone who brings great people onboard. As a result, you’ll receive even more invites you can share.

However, try not to invite people who will act against the Clubhouse community guidelines, as it will reflect poorly on you.

Who would you invite to Clubhouse? Let us know in the comments section below.

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