How To Send a Message on Etsy

Etsy is the go-to platform if you want to buy or sell hand-made or vintage stuff. You can see all kinds of interesting items from all over the world, so it’s only natural that you will have some questions you want to ask the person selling them.

How To Send a Message on Etsy

The good thing is that Etsy comes with its own communication system that works like a standard email, but you can only contact other members. If you are new to the website and you’re still not familiar with all of the communication tools, this article will tell you everything you need to know about Etsy’s messaging system.

How to Messages on Etsy

Communicating with Customers

You can’t have a successful Etsy business without successful communication. In fact, you can’t succeed in any activity without communication.

When other members browse through your offers, they will often want to know more about an item you are selling. They can ask you questions via the Etsy conversation system or email. You can find your chats and emails in the Conversations icon in the Etsy’s header bar. You can set your preferences, so you get an email every time someone starts a convo on Etsy. Here is how to do that:

  1. Go to the Etsy webpage.
  2. Log in and click on the “Conversations” icon.
    Send Messages on Etsy
  3. Click the “Notification Preferences” link
  4. Click on the “Someone Sends Me a Convo” checkbox
  5. Click “Save”.

Messages on Etsy

Communicating with buyers on Etsy is easier said than done. You have to have the right tone and you have to know what to say and when. For example, if your messages are too short, the buyers could think that you don’t care about them. On the other hand, if you communicate too much, they could see you as a nuisance.

If you plan on using the platform a lot, maybe it’s best to create a new email for that purpose alone. That way, you will know that all of the messages you got are Etsy-related. We will give you a few useful tips on how to communicate with customers.

How to Answer Customer’s Questions

It doesn’t matter how many high-resolution photos you post for an item or how detailed your descriptions are, the chances are that some customers will have additional questions about your products. The way you address those questions plays a large role in your overall success on Etsy, so it’s important that you get things right. Here are some general tips to guide you in the right direction.

Answer Clients within the First 24 Hours

No one likes to wait for days to get an answer about an item he/she is willing to spend money on. Doing business on Etsy is like doing business in real life. You have to be polite, and of course, provide answers as soon as possible. You should answer all questions within the first 24 hours, or some of the potential buyers could give up on the item.

With that in mind, you have to balance your replies well. Keep things as simple as possible, as too much information could confuse and turn them away from the purchase. Try to communicate only helpful information, but don’t overdo it.

send thank you Etsy

Thank Every Customer

You will get an email notification every time a customer buys an item from your Etsy shop. You could ignore it entirely, but acting upon it could yield more deals in the future. You should contact every buyer and thank them for the purchase they had made. Confirm that you have received the payment and tell the customer when they can expect the item to arrive.

A little courtesy can get you a long way on Etsy. Saying phrases like “thank you” and “you are welcome” will make customer interactions smoother and might increase the chances they’ll return.

How to Communicate with Foreign Buyers

Etsy users come from all over the world, so a good percentage of them are not native English speakers. Even if your market is only in the US, you could run into clients with poor English skills. If you ever run into such clients, here is what you should do:

  1. Keep your messages brief and straightforward. Avoid using complex words and long sentences.
  2. Avoid using slang because they may misunderstand you.
  3. Avoid using abbreviations and jargon. Use only common words.

Boost your Etsy Shop

Now that you know how to communicate with other people on Etsy, you are ready to post items and show everyone that you are here to make it big. Good luck!

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