Evesham Technology SilverEDGE 1500TS review

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Things go downhill when it comes to server management. Unlike Tyan, Gigabyte and SuperMicro, MSI hasn’t really bothered to develop this feature, so its PC Alert III or CoreCentral utilities are of limited value. What you do get is an SMC utility, which goes some way to make up for this but is still limited. It provides a garish interface with big, bold readouts, graphs and tables showing fan speeds, voltages and backplane temperatures along with a history graph. Thresholds can be set for each of these categories and alerts issued when any are breached. These extend to sending email messages to multiple recipients and the SMC error log can be attached as well. SMC is only geared up to monitor SCSI backplanes so any SATA disk failures will go unnoticed. However, Adaptec comes to the rescue with its browser-based Storage Manager utility. This provides general information about logical and physical disks, options for creating new arrays and event-notification tools for sending error warnings to up to three email addresses.

Evesham Technology SilverEDGE 1500TS review

The remote management tools certainly let the side down and are one of the reasons why this server doesn’t offer the best value. However, if you’re looking for a new system with excellent build quality, good storage possibilities and comprehensive power fault tolerance, the SilverEDGE 1500TS is well worth considering.

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