How to Set Up Wyze Cam Notifications

Wyze Cam devices are surveillance equipment that don’t feature hefty price tags and too many complications. Easy-to-install and fairly straightforward to use, these pieces of surveillance equipment are fully-integratable with all smartphones/tablets. In fact, they’re built for portable device use.

How to Set Up Wyze Cam Notifications

Equipped with unique features such as live footage, motion sensors, night vision, and many others, Wyze Cam devices bring a world of safety to your porch. Here’s how to set up your Wyze camera device, notifications, and more.

How It Works

In order to go through the setup process quickly and easily, first, you should know how the device works. Before anything else, all Wyze cameras need to be connected to a power source. The appropriate cable is supplied inside the packaging, so don’t worry. However, the devices aren’t wireless, like some of their peers. That being said, there is always the daisy-chaining option with any Wyze Cam device that allows you to connect up to three Wyze cameras to each other, for power supply.

Once the camera is powered up, fully set up (we’ll get to this later), and running, you should be able to access the live footage from the Wyze app on your phone or tablet. All you need in order to do this is a solid internet connection. This means that you can look at the live footage of any one of your Wyze Cams from anywhere. Not only that, but you can engage in two-way audio communication with your visitors, even if you are hundreds of miles from home.

Every time the motion sensor is triggered, you’ll receive a notification on your phone or tablet device and you will be able to access the footage and engage your visitor in conversation. Not only that, but as soon as you receive a notification, a recording option is started and your Wyze Cam records up to 12 seconds of footage after the motion trigger.

If 12 seconds of recording time doesn’t sound like a lot, that’s because it really isn’t. Fortunately, all you need to do is get a MicroSD memory card and insert it into the Wyze device. Then, you’ll be able to ramp up those 12 seconds to 60 and even choose continuous recording.

So, this is how Wyze Cams work. But how do you set them up?

wyze cam

Setting Up the Wyze Cam

As soon as you open the Wyze package, you’ll see a power adapter, a wall plug, an instruction manual, a metallic plate, an adhesive, and, of course, the Wyze Cam device that you’ve ordered.

Straight out of the box, the yellow light on the back of your Wyze device will shine solid yellow. This means that it isn’t set up. The first thing that you need to do here is plug it into the power source. Now, you’ll see the yellow light flashing.

Take your phone/tablet and download the Wyze app. Register by entering the prompted basic information and confirm the registration process by going to your email inbox. Open the app and tap the plus sign. Now, take the Wyze cam, find a button on its bottom side, and press it. Find your wireless network within the app and connect to it. You’ll see a QR code appear. Scan it with the Wyze Cam. Once the LED light at the back of the camera turns solid blue, you’ve successfully set up a Wyze camera.

Setting Up the Notifications

One of the main functionalities that Wyze Cam devices offer are the motion sensor-triggered notifications. As mentioned, every time someone enters the area under a Wyze Cam’s surveillance, you’ll receive a notification on your selected hub device. However, if you, for some reason, aren’t receiving these notifications, here’s a few things you can do to properly set them up.

wyze cam notifications

Push Notifications

Push notifications are the first place to check out if you’re experiencing notification issues. Most likely, the problem is with your device (updates can often mess with these settings). Go to your device’s push notifications menu and see if they’re allowed for the Wyze app.

Update the App

If the push notifications are on and you still aren’t receiving notifications, check if the Wyze app needs to be updated. To do so, go to your device’s dedicated store (Google Play for Android, App Store for iOS). Search for the Wyze app and see if you’re prompted to update. If not, uninstall the Wyze app, download it from the app store, and install it again.

You could mess with reinstalling the firmware, but it’s a bit of a hassle and reinstalling the app is much, much easier.

Update the Cameras

If the notifications still aren’t arriving to your device, open the Wyze app, tap on a camera, go to the settings menu (gear icon in the top-right part of the screen), then tap Device Info, Check update, and, finally, Upgrade. Do this for every camera on the list.

Check the Rules

Wyze cameras offer unique options to create rules for your device. These rules may be set to turn off the notifications when you’re at home (for example, 6 pm – 8 am). Check the rules to see if this is what’s causing the problem.

Contact Wyze Support

As is advised with any other problem, if you aren’t able to solve it on your own after the first few tries, refer to the Wyze technical support. There is an off-chance that the product is simply faulty.

Setting Things Up with Wyze Cam

The mentioned notifications setup may seem overly complicated, but don’t be afraid, chances are that everything is going to be working properly as soon as you set it up.

Have you encountered any issues with your Wyze Cam? Any trouble with the notifications? Feel free to hit the comments section below with any questions/advice/tips that you may have.

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