How To Setup a Discord Server

Discord is currently one of the most popular platforms designed specifically for gamers. With Discord, gamers all around the world can connect with each other, chat, and have video calls; all that while being in-game.

How To Setup a Discord Server

This comes in quite handy and makes things easier, especially for MMORPGs (Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games) where in-game communication is essential. That’s exactly why some of the best streamers use Discord while playing in teams.

This article will help you learn how to create your own Discord server and set it up entirely.

Creating a Discord Server

It goes without saying that you need to download Discord first and create an account. The process is pretty straight-forward. You download the software from their official website and create an account by filling up necessary fields in the Registration section on their website (you can also register through their software as well).

In case you have just created your Discord account and have never used Discord before, you will be asked if you want to create or join a Discord server. Since we want to create a custom-made server, click on the Create a Discord Server option.

If you have already used Discord before or if you have skipped the initial screen, simply click on the large plus button, located on the left side of your screen. That’s where all your Discord servers will be stored, even the ones not created by you.

Setup a Discord Server

After clicking on the plus button, you will be presented with two options. Like on the initial screen, your options will be to create a Discord server or join an already existing one. Click on Create a Server.

Setup Discords Server

On the next screen, you will need to enter information about your Discord server. Start by entering your server’s name. Be careful with the name that you choose as all other Discord users will recognize your server by its name.

Setup Discord Server

To finish creating the server, state the region by clicking on the Change button, and finally click on Create.

Discord Server how to Setup

If you have followed through everything explained, your server should now be created. Also, you will automatically be connected to your server once you have created it.

Inviting Friends to Join Your Custom-Made Server

You have created a server so that you can connect with multiple people in your gaming community. To make your server is officially “active”, you need to add people to it.

Start with clicking on your server on the left side of your screen. Then click on the arrow to open a drop-down menu (next to your server’s name).

How to Setup Discord Server

The drop-down menu contains the list of options you can use on your new server, among which is the Invite People option.

Click on Invite People and select a few friends that you would want to invite. You can also create different Channels, Categories, or alter Server Settings from that same drop-down menu.

Setting Up Roles on Your Discord Server

It can get quite messy on servers without clear permissions and rules. This is especially true for crowded servers.

With that being said, you need to enter a few restrictions and give certain users different types of permissions so that your server can function normally.

For example, you can create a certain role for your moderators and grant them the ability to delete messages or even ban users from your server.

To do this, simply click on your Server’s Settings and then choose the Roles category. If you want to add new roles, just click on the little plus button next to the Roles title.

You can change the name of the role by entering the desired name in the Role Name field. You can also choose different colors for specific roles below the Role Name input field.

How to Setup Discord Servers

The list of permissions that you can assign to a certain role is quite long so take your time going through them. The most important permissions include the ability to create new channels, roles, manage users, ban users, etc.

Of course, the highest role that you can give someone is the Admin role. Admins have all permissions except the ones specific to you, the server owner (deleting the server, etc.).

If you toggle the Display Role Members Separately setting, people with specific roles will be displayed in their role categories in the Users panel. It is recommended that you leave this option toggled off for some roles.

Organize Your Server and Have Fun

If you want to make your Discord server organized and clean, make sure to use its Categories feature properly. So, create a new category or channel by right-clicking anywhere in the channel section. After that, give your channels appropriate names and choose whether they are text or voice-enabled channels.

That’s all that there is to it!

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