How to Get Inspired in the Sims 4

Sims 4 has continued the legacy by letting its users create, customize and live their best online lives in their custom-built homes and cities.

How to Get Inspired in the Sims 4

In addition to the basic things, Sims 4 advanced and enabled its users by adding aspirations, moodlets, and different whims to enrich their user experience and make characters feel more like real people.

The “inspired” mood helps Sim characters perform better in their daily tasks.

This article will help you inspire your Sims to create bestselling novels, cook amazing dishes, or paint extraordinary artwork.

Steps to Make Your Sims Inspired

Here are the basic steps to make your Sim inspired.

  1. Choose (and go to) the Sim you want to inspire.
  2. Make your Sim happy.
  3. Choose an engaging activity for your Sim.
  4. Use skill- or work-specific activities.
  5. Find and place objects with inspiring Auras in the room.
  6. Progress the Sim’s emotion to “Very Inspired.”

Most of these can be broken down for more information, so read on.

Make Your Sim Happy

Before making your Sim can get inspired, you need to get rid of all their negative emotions.

Each Sim can have a unique personality based on the settings you gave them upon creating the character and their encounters with the environment (likes and dislikes). This means that each Sim will form different negative emotions or moods based on environmental cues. You can overview each of these moodlets in the bottom left corner. Red, yellow, dark blue, or orange moodlets are negative and should be dealt with, while gray ones can be tolerated to an extent.

Sims with the Creative trait (available during character creation) can spontaneously become inspired, which can happen even with a bad moodlet.

For example, if your Sim’s primary emotion is embarrassment, this will make their mood sad, tense, and uncomfortable.

You should also take care of their basic needs (hunger, energy, cleanliness, social needs, and bladder). Sims that can barely stay awake are unlikely to create a masterpiece painting.

Sims also have whims (replaced with wants and fears in a July 2022 update), which improve their mood if fulfilled. These appear as bubbles above their character portrait.

Skill and Career Activities

There’s a plethora of activities your Sim can partake in to boost their mood and get an Inspiration moodlet. Child Sims and specific careers give more options, which are outlined on the list. Here are some activities, how much of a happiness or inspiration boost they give, and how long the boost lasts:

  • Molding clay, +1 boost for 3 hours.
  • Playing with large animal toys, +1 boost for 4 hours – This is for children only.
  • Playing with a doll house, +1 boost for 4 hours – Also for children only.
  • Taking a thoughtful shower, +1 boost for 4 hours
  • Browsing art on the computer, +1 boost for 4 hours
  • Eating haunted mint ice cream, +1 boost for 4 hours
  • Mixing drinks, +1 boost for 4 hours
  • Drinking Caffe coffee – Cappuccino, +1 boost for 4 hours – Requires the “Get Together” DLC.
  • Eating cheese fondue, +1 boost for 4 hours – At a luxurious party.
  • Viewing bonsai, + 1 boost for 4 hours – Works on bonsai that was shaped by an inspired Sims, so somewhat recursive.
  • Stargazing, +1 boost for 6 hours – In an outdoor retreat (requires the “Outdoor Retreat” DLC).
  • Hiking, + 1 boost for 6 hours – Outdoor retreat as well.
  • Plucking for inspiration (on the guitar), +1 boost for 8 hours – Works on the guitar, but there are similar options for pianos and violins.
  • Doing yoga, +1 boost for 8 hours – Requires the “Spa Day” DLC.
  • Listening deeply to music, +2 boost for 2 hours – Music lover trait.
  • Daydreaming, +2 boost for 3 hours – Requires the child to have a creative skill level of five or more.
  • Cooking, +2 boost for 4 hours – A true chef (requires the Chef career branch).
  • Analyzing a book, +2 boost for 4 hours – Requires the bookworm trait.
  • Drinking a smart serum, +1 boost for 6 hours – Active Science career.
  • Carving a pumpkin, +1 boost for 4 hours – On a spooky day (“Spooky Stuff” DLC).
  • Inspired from work, +1 boost for 4 hours – Only for Sims in the Mixologist branch.
  • Listening to classical or jazz music, +1 boost for 2 hours
  • Painting while being mentored, +2 boost throughout

Putting Inspiring Objects in the Room

Placing objects with inspiring auras in the room can brighten your Sim’s mood. These objects are:

  • Masterpiece carved pumpkins.
  • Postcards.
  • Different career rewards (Writing, painting, culinary, etc.).
  • Reward lamps (from Sims 3).

You don’t have to enable the emotional Aura if you don’t want to. You can direct your Sim to interact with the object, which will still give it the emotional moodlet.

Very Inspired Mood

A Sim with eight positive modifiers gets a “Very Inspired” mood, which significantly boosts their skill uptake and the quality of the items they create. This can most often be done by fulfilling their needs, moodlet requirements, and passive inspiration from auras.

What to Do with Inspiration?

An inspired Sim can get a unique want (or whim) that lasts for as long as they’re inspired. It usually connects to their aspiration or career. Being inspired also helps creation-oriented Sims (mixologists, painters, writers, cooks) create better products.


Which tea makes your Sim inspired?

Earl Grey Tea is one of the best teas to get your Sim inspired. It gives two confidence points, which last for a few hours, which gets you a decent amount of the way to the Inspired mood.

Is there a way to cheat with Sims aspirations?

Yes. You can cheat by typing “testingcheats true” in the console. With the active code, you can enter the following: aspirations_complete_current_milestone. This completes a Sim’s current aspiration goal.


Inspiration doesn’t come as easily as happiness in Sims 4, but that doesn’t mean you can’t help it along. You just have to get rid of any previous negative emotions, engage your Sim in skill or career abilities, and place inspiring auras in the room.

Cupcakes and Earl Grey tea will help inspire your Sim additionally. You can also cheat, but that takes all the fun away from the game.

Have you tried any of the activities we mentioned above? What do you do to inspire your Sim character? Drop a comment below.

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