How to Join the Scouts in Sims 4

Do you have a Sim child who is itching for some outdoor adventures beyond the walls of their home? When your beloved Sim joins the Scouts, they can have all sorts of fun and exciting experiences they’ll never forget.

How to Join the Scouts in Sims 4

This guide will teach you how to join the Scouts and give you tips on making the most out of being in the Scout troop. Who knows what your Sim will discover while exploring with their new friends?

Joining the Scouts

The first thing to note is that only children and teenagers can join the Scouts in “The Sims 4.” So if your Sim is an adult, they’ll have to wait for their offspring to take up the scouting mantle.

  1. Select your child or teenager Sim and click on their phone.
  2. Pick the option “Join After-school Activity” or, if they’re a teen, “Find a Job.” “Scouting” appears for both children and teenagers.
  3. From the sub-menu that comes up, choose “Scouts.”

And that’s it. Your Sim is now a proud Scout troop member. They’ll automatically get a scouting uniform and a badge board, and they’ll also learn the Secret Scout Handshake social interaction.

What to Do in the Scouts

Joining the Scouts is only the beginning. The real fun lies in climbing through the ranks and earning glorious badges. Here are all the ways you can do it:

Complete Scouting Activities

As your Sim moves up the ranks in the Scouts, they will need to get busy checking off their to-do list of activities. These activities range from doing well at school to performing friendly interactions with other Sims. Keep an eye on the Scouting Board for a full list.

Earn Badges

Your Sim can prove their worth in the Scouts by earning badges. To do this, they can indulge in some of their favorite activities like fishing, studying, or just being friendly and outgoing. Every badge your Sim earns proves they’re well on their way to achieving the highest ranks and recognition.

Attend Scout Meetings

Scout meetings are every Saturday and Sunday from 2-4 p.m. Get your Sim to attend these events — they’re a great way for them to earn badges, make new friends, and get involved with other budding Scouts.

The Rewards

As a Scout in “The Sims 4,” your youngling Sim can look forward to more than just hard work. There are plenty of rewards too. Here’s some of what’s in store for them:

  • As the child Sim progresses through Scouting, they’ll receive trophies that reflect their hard work and dedication. Display these proudly in your Sim’s home as a reminder of all their accomplishments.
  • Every Scout gets a uniform to wear to Scout meetings or around town. As your Sim progresses in the Scouts, their uniform changes to show off how far they’ve come.
  • Being a Scout can really build your Sim’s character values, especially regarding Responsibility and Empathy. These values can impact their personality and how well they get along with other Sims.

Climbing the Scouting Ladder

Climbing the ranks of Scouts in “The Sims 4” means the Sim has to work hard and dedicate themselves to reach the peak. Let’s see what that looks like:

Llama Scout

Being a Llama Scout is the first rank your Sim will hold once they join the Scouts. Every day, they have to use the Scouting Badge Board to track their progress and earn rewards. The reward for joining is a Scout outfit and a Scouting Badge Board you can place in their house.

Griffon Scout

To earn the next Griffon Scout rank, your Sim must prove their worth by earning at least one badge. The requirements for daily tasks remain unchanged, and upon promotion, they’ll get a Scouting manual as a well-deserved reward.

Unicorn Scout

With three badges under their belt, the Sim will reach the rank of Unicorn Scout. They will receive a Bronze scouting trophy for all their hard work.

Pegasus Scout

Aspiring Pegasus Scouts have one goal: earn six badges. When they finally reach them, the gleaming reward of a Silver scouting trophy is given as proof of their perseverance.

Master Llamacorn Scout

For Sims that have achieved the ultimate Scout rank, Master Llamacorn Scout, there is no daily task. The worthy reward for their efforts is a Gold scouting trophy, the trait Scouting Aptitude to aid their future pursuits, and an Expert Scout outfit in Create a Sim.

The Scout Badges

Earning badges is integral if you wish your Sims to advance in Scouting. The game has nine badges, and your Sim will need to acquire all of them to reach the highest rank of Master Llamacorn Scout. Here’s an overview of these badges and what you’ll have to do to get them:

Arts and Crafts

Sims can earn this badge by painting, drawing, or creating handmade crafts. You can get children started by having them use an activity table, while teens can use an easel or a woodworking bench.

Civic Responsibility

This badge is a reward for cleaning or repair activities. For example, the Sim can clean up around the house as a child or repair broken appliances as a teen.

Give Back

Gain this badge by donating items or giving gifts. Child and teen Sim can give gifts (items or simoleons), and teens can donate items from the mailbox or computer.

Good Deeds

Sims get this badge from doing many helpful activities. The Sim can use funny or mischievous interactions to make other Sims laugh, play with toddlers, take out the trash, or aid another Sim with homework.

Keep Fit

As the name suggests, the way to earn this badge is through fitness-related activities. Your child or teen Sim can dance or work out to gain points toward the badge.

Outdoor Adventurer

This badge is an award for doing outdoor activities. For example, they can catch fish or find frogs as a child or use the grill to prepare food outside as a teen.

Scholarly Aptitude

To earn this badge, Sims need to do studious activities. They can read books and finish homework while keeping their grades high.


Being friendly is the way to gain this badge. Your Sim can use any friendly social interaction with other Sims in the family or around town.

Young Scientist

The Young Scientist badge is awarded to young Sims for doing scientific activities. The Sim can program on the computer, use a microscope, telescope, or the potions table.

Whenever your Sim gets close to finishing a task that will earn them a badge, you’ll see a faint little badge symbol hovering above their head. Once they’ve done enough to earn the badge officially, don’t forget to have them visit the Scouting Badge Board and select ‘Collect’ so they can add it to their collection.

The Lifelong Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait

One of the most significant benefits of being a Scout in “The Sims 4” is the Lifelong Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait. This trait is awarded to Sims who reach the highest rank of Master Llamacorn Scout.

Sims who earn the Lifelong Scouting Aptitude Reward Trait receive a massive boost to their skill-building efforts – a whopping 25%. This means that no matter which skills your Sim chooses to pursue in their adult life, they’ll be able to pick them up much faster than their peers.

Stepping Outside

If you want your “The Sims 4” character to grow into a well-rounded adult while going on an adventure as a youngster, then Scouting may just be the thing for them. It’s a great way to keep them entertained after school and can also help them develop valuable skills and traits that will come in handy later in life.

Did you have your child Sims join the after-school Scouting activity? Did you enjoy its features? Tell us more in the comments below.

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