How To Use Slow Motion on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

If you have a passion for photography or video recording, the Galaxy Note 8 might be the best phone for you. It comes with many features that make your photos and recordings more interesting.

How To Use Slow Motion on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Here is a quick overview of the Note 8’s dual cameras. There is also a step-by-step guide for making slow-motion videos with the stock recording app. Recording in slow motion is increasingly popular, especially for users who like following trends on social media.

A Few Words on the Note 8 Cameras

The Galaxy Note 8 has two separate rear cameras. They function together to provide the best possible image quality.

Each camera takes a separate photograph, using different lenses. Then, the images are merged together to create high-quality photos and videos.

The cameras are designed to work in badly lit conditions. They come with an impressive 2x zoom ability. They’re also equipped with Optical Image Stabilization, which means you won’t have to worry about blurring the images if you shake the camera slightly.

There are impressive filters that you can apply to both your photos and videos. You can easily modify your photos using the S Pen. One of the video effects is the slow-motion feature. This lets you create poignant or hilarious videos to share with the world.

How to Make a Slow Motion Video

To use the slow motion function in the Note 8 camera app, follow these steps:

  1. Go into the Camera App

Tap on the camera icon on the app screen.

  1. Swipe Down

This will let you choose between seven different camera modes:

  • Auto
  • Pro
  • Panorama
  • Slow Motion
  • Hyperlapse
  • Food
  • Virtual Shot
  1. Choose Slow Motion

  1. Tap on the Red Button to Star Recording

You can create videos at a resolution of 720p at 240 frames per second. This is fairly impressive, though there are higher frame rates on other Samsung devices. For example, the S9 lets you record 960 frames per second.

It’s important to note that the Note 8 stops recording videos after ten minutes. This is a safety measure intended to prevent overheating.

You can find the recorded videos in the gallery. Tap on the recording to edit it. You can trim it or use your S Pen to make modifications.

What about the Other Camera Modes?

Every camera mode is designed to make recording easier.

Auto refers to your image quality. In this mode, your phone automatically selects the color and exposure of your videos or photos. If you select Pro, you can make these adjustments yourself.

Panorama is for photographing landscapes. Your phone takes a series of images and then combines them. Virtual Shot lets you create stark 3D images. Food Mode is a filter for photographing food.

But what about Hyperlapse?

Hyperlapse is similar to slow motion. It slows down your recording and then speeds it up again. This mode alternates the frame rate automatically.

Like slow motion videos, hyperlapse videos are very popular online.

A Final Thought

Slow-motion recording is a lot of fun, and it’s easy to do on the Note 8. The S Pen makes editing easy too. You can add even more interesting effects if you download third-party video recording and editing apps.

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Terry says:
When I swipe down the only options I get are auto and selfie.?
lrwsjc says:
swipe from the left side towards the middle of the phone

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