10 hottest products for Millennials – Woolet Smart Wallet

What is it?

Woolet is, as the name suggests, a smart wallet. What’s a smart wallet? A wallet which can connect to your smartphone to do all kinds of useful things… including ensuring that you never lose it again.

10 hottest products for Millennials – Woolet Smart Wallet

Why should you buy it?

“Who in their right mind wants their wallet to be battery-powered?” you might ask. The short answer is people who really worry about losing it. The Woolet Smart Wallet includes an embedded Bluetooth receiver and battery which means you can’t move away from your wallet without your smartphone warning you. No more accidentally leaving your wallet on the table as you blithely walk out of the door and – in theory at least – if someone tries to wander off with your wallet your smartphone will at least warn you.

So what happens if the app warns you your wallet is going walkies? The Woolet includes a speaker so you can get it to play a reasonably loud noise to make it easier to find.

You can recharge the Woolet using a standard micro-USB cable, but cleverly it also supports the Qi wireless charging standard, so if you have a wireless charger all you need to do it pop your wallet on it for a while and your battery is refreshed. You shouldn’t have to do this often, though – the battery lasts around six months on a full charge.

All this would be completely pointless if the wallet was naff, badly made or too chunky. But it’s not. The Woolet Smart Wallet looks and feels like a nice, well-made high-end leather wallet, and not like something you’d be ashamed to pull from your bag or pocket. You can get it in black (of course) and distressed brown leather and despite the electronics inside it’s slim rather than fat-feeling. There’s an XL version too, for those who prefer having space for six cards and a passport. No, really.

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